A clash of worldviews puts a spotlight on the creation-evolution debate in this captivating film. A committed Christian dad, a doubting daughter, and a charismatic liberal professor stir up a lot of tension and intrigue on campus. It has solid Biblical principles and a gripping plot. Kudos to the Christianos for another outstanding family-friendly film..”
–Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

“Loved the film!! You did a great job presenting the heart of the issue. Great movie for Christians and non-Christians! Good mix of humor and storyline with a solid Gospel message. The evolution debate is especially thought provoking and clearly shows the current misrepresentation in the schools.”
–Rich Seyna, Journey Christian Church, Rochester NY

These reviews along with dozens of others are pretty convincing that A Matter of Faith is a movie to be seen! The timeless debate between evolution vs. creation has answered itself in a very creative, compelling way in A Matter of Faith. Rachel, a Christian girl entering her first year in college, has her faith put to the test by a college professor right off the bat without her even realizing his persuasion and influence. Luckily her Dad paid attention and would not allow for his daughter to be falsely educated, leading to biased conclusions.

Rachel’s Dad Stephen was so bothered by the changes that he saw in his daughter that he took it upon himself to investigate the education system within the public schools, which lead him down a road far less traveled than he could have imagined. Finding himself caught between his relationship with his daughter, the education system and his faith, Stephen knew that he, without a doubt, had to defend his faith in God.

A Matter of Faith will show you what it means to stand up for your faith and to walk the walk that Christ asks you to walk, even when the destination is unknown. A Matter of Faith will educate and challenge you about the most important thing in your life- your very own creation.

A must see movie for all! Not convinced? What the trailer here 🙂