Marks Anniversary of Slayings, Deep Cultural Divide in Nation

TULSA, OKLA. –March 15, 2011– Nolan Dean Films/Stuff of Earth Media has just re-released their powerful documentary, Malatya, a feature length film about the brutal killings of three Christians in Turkey in 2007. The film’s long awaited re-issue coincides with the April 18th anniversary of the tragic event.

To mark the anniversary, Malatya,’s producers are asking churches nationwide to join them in a global day of prayer for Turkey. They also ask pastors to present the film to their congregations as a way to raise awareness of the persecution Christians face today in that Muslim nation.

“There is a powerful need to expose these tragic deaths to the light and bring a healing within Turkey that touches believers and Muslims,” said Nolan Dean, Director of Malatya. “I ask pastors nationwide to mobilize their church for a special day of prayer for Turkey and to show this powerful film to their church body and loved ones. I believe Malatya is an amazing story of forgiveness and forbearance in tragedy and why we all need to unite together in prayer for the healing of the Turkish people.”

The story of Malatya traces the tragic killings of three Turkish believers in 2007 by five Muslim teens—a crime which sent shockwaves throughout Turkey and devastated Turkish Christians nationwide. The film also follows the men’s families in the aftermath of the murders and their decision to show God’s mercy despite the religious persecution they experience.

Since its release in 2009, Malatya has received rave reviews for its gritty portrayal of the tragedy as well as the deep cultural divide that now exists for many in Turkey today.

“Turkey has had to come to grips with the fact that Christians were martyred in the name of Islam,” says Steve Husmann, producer of Malatya.“I think many Muslims have been challenged with that awful truth and how they view their spiritual beliefs in the face of it. The tragedy of these murders has moved well beyond the singularity of one incident and into the consciousness of a nation. That’s where we pray they find healing and discover the truly transforming love of Jesus Christ.”

Malatya is today being re-released with brand new music, a new website, and other production changes. The film can be ordered online at with free group licenses for churches available for the cost of a single DVD ($14.99). Producers are also offering packs of 20 DVDs for $100 to sell after the showing or as special gifts to attendees.

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