Have you ever imagined what it might be like to die for your faith? I’m sure most of us who take our faith seriously have considered it at one time. We’ve read stories of the martyred in Equador who were killed by the spears of tribesmen. We all know about the young people killed in Columbine who died for their commitment to Christ. We’ve heard stories of the persecuted church throughout the world and of apostles back in Bible times that were killed for their faith, and we ask ourselves the question; “would I be willing to die for my Lord?” “What would I do in that situation?”

For believers living in places like China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Nigeria, etc, these are daily realities one must face. I had a chance to watch the trailer last week for the forthcoming documentary Malatya. It was particularly moving for me because I have met one of the men who was killed in this Eastern Turkish city 2 years ago. My wife had spent years in the same church one of the other martyrs who died that day.  I was in tears after watching the trailer and listening to an interview with the documentary’s producers.

If you have any interest in the persecuted church, I’d encourage you to head over to www.malatyafilm.com and watch the trailer yourself. This DVD isn’t available yet, but the producers have some opportunities there on the site for how you can get involved in helping to promote this powerful documentary. Check it out, watch the trailer, get involved. This is a story that must be told. You can help get the word out. Plus, hear the interview at the Persecution Podcast.