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If you like Hallmark Channel movies and romance inspired Christian movies, you have to see this one. It’s not from the Hallmark Channel but it’s a sweet movie that could easily be a part of its lineup.

Now, let’s give you more info about it! Love Finds You in Charm is about a young Amish woman who embarks on a new adventure away from her home. There her heart is divided between two men. One of them is Amish who is very comforting and reminds her of home and the other is an English man who works in a food blog.

At the beginning of this Christian movie, we meet Emma Miller, a member of the Amish community. Till now her life is going just as expected for a woman in the community. She has indeed grown into a beautiful young woman and has captured the attention of many men among her Amish community. There’s a specific young man, the most eligible in all of the community, who is interested in Emma and is sure that he’ll marry her soon.
Emma from Love Finds You in Charm has been always known for following the rules and being an example of what a young Amish woman should be but she has a secret. She actually loves fiction novels, Jane Austen books specifically, like Pride and Prejudice. Even though her church prohibits these kind of books, Emma loves its characters and all the romance that inhabits them. These books ignite Emma’s longing for adventure and a different life. She longs to see places other than those in her community.

One day Emma is given an opportunity to leave her community and move to Charm, Ohio. Her cousin Lydia recently has become a widow and needs help in her household. Without giving it much thought, Emma accepts her cousin’s invitation and immediately starts dreaming of what it will be like in Charm. Emma is definitely hopeful and excited for what’s to come. Even though she’ll miss her family and her home, she knows that this is a great opportunity. We get to see Emma’s travels as she finds her way to Charm, Ohio where her new adventure was about to begin. Her charming self and kind heart make her make friends immediately.
For example, in Charm, Emma from the Christian movie Love Finds You in Charm meets a librarian called Kelly Bennett and they both immediately hit it off. Even though they’re extremely different they form a special bond and help each other through living in the small town. For example, Emma has come to Charm looking for adventure and new things yet Kelly has come to Charm for some peace and for a new start.

Love Finds You in Charm - DVD Image

Emma begins helping her cousin on her farm when she meets Noah. A young man from the Amish community and is helping Lydia (Emma’s cousin) in maintaining the farm. Emma is immediately intrigued by Noah and feels a connection since he wasn’t the typical Amish man. Noah liked to read books and learn about different things, he didn’t want to just do farm work for the rest of his life, he wanted something more out of life just like she did.

But also in this Christian movie, Emma meets another man who is the opposite of what she is. He’s actually a food blog editor named Andy. They have a surprisingly immediate connection as well even though he is an “Englisher”. Now Emma is in quite a dilemma, she has fallen for two very different people. One that her family would definitely approve of and one her family would most certainly not. Noah shares some of the same interests she has, he’s kind and is quite well adapted to her “normal” life. On the other hand, Andy is quite a mystery and an adventure. He’s far away from how the Amish community lives and has grown up in a completely different environment than Emma’s.
Who will Emma choose? Will she choose the one who is very similar to her yet what she’s always wanted? Or the mystery she didn’t know she would like but did? Let’s see what happens here!
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