Love Comes Softly - DVD ImageLove Comes Softly is the film that started it all. Since that first movie, there have been 10 movies released and it has become the Love Comes Softly series. This series is inspired by the books from author Janette Oke who has also written the books that inspired the Hallmark Channel television series When Calls the Heart. I’ve seen all the films from the Love Comes Softly series and I have to say that the first one, Love Comes Softly, is quite special being the first one that was ever released and began this series. Later on, in 2011 two prequels to Love Comes Softly were released giving more back story to Clark’s story before meeting Marty.

Love Comes Softly tells the story of a widowed man and his daughter in the 1800’s and how they take in a young woman, recently widowed, into their home.
The story begins with Marty (played by Katherine Heigl), a young woman with big dreams heading out west with her husband Aaron in their wagon. She has confidence and determination that she and her husband will continue the journey and get to where they want to be. But one day after her husband had left for a morning ride, the horse returned but Aaron did not. Of course, Marty becomes worried but nothing would’ve prepared her for what was to come. A man approaches her wagon and informs her of the bad news. This devastates Marty and all those big dreams she had of finding a land out West and start a family with her husband had gone off in smoke. All that hope and determination are suddenly crushed. She is aware though that extremely cold days and nights are approaching her area and certainly her wagon would not protect her from those freezing winds.

Later on, we meet Clark Davis (played by Dale Midkiff) who had lost his wife a few years back leaving him widowed with a young daughter, Missie. Even though he has done all he can to raise his daughter, Clark knows that Missie needs a mother figure in her life to help her with things and guide her in a way he certainly could not. Clark meets Marty and quite frankly they both need each other as Clark needed that maternal figure for Missie and Marty needed a warm place to stay until spring. Clark offers to marry Marty and includes to pay for her trip back east in the spring. Needing this now more than ever Marty says yes. Things don’t start the way Clark had imagined. On one hand, Missie is headstrongly not fine with having Marty stay with them as she was perfectly fine living there alone with her loving dad. Also, Marty is still grieving the loss of her husband and is not quite comfortable living with a stranger. Now Marty’s learned that she’s pregnant. So in her mind thoughts of her baby were swirling in her mind as well who would be born soon and not have a father around. For her spring couldn’t come soon enough. This marriage of convenience wasn’t looking like a good idea after all.

Love Comes Softly - DVD ImageBut the days go by and Clark continuously demonstrates respectfulness and sympathy towards Marty. She begins to open up more and creates a wonderful link towards the little girl who at first was unhappy with her presence. Very slowly love happens to emerge throughout the entire house and its members. Also, Marty begins to know Clark’s God and the things she had never found before, faith, hope, and peace. Spring is approaching and Marty has to make a decision, will she leave the place where she has found hope or stay?
I’ll leave it at that so if you haven’t seen Love Comes Softly I advise you to check it out! The film is available to purchase right now in!

Love Comes Softly is such a beautiful Christian movie filled with many lessons to be reminded of or learn from. One that comes to mind is that God is always looking out for us specifically in those moments of pain and difficultness. He places people into our lives for a reason and that maybe those are the ones that will lead us forward.

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