love comes softly series vol 2 - DVD ImageI love this movie series from the Hallmark Channel and I believe it’s a ground-breaking movie series that has impacted many people around the world. Recently I talked about the Loves Comes Softly Series Vol. 1 in a blog so I link that HERE. For those of you who don’t know about the series, it is based on the book series written by Best-Selling author Janette Oke. This Christian movie series called Love Comes Softly Series Vol. 2 contains Love’s Abiding Joy, Love’s Unending Legacy, and Love’s Unfolding Dream.

In Love’s Abiding Joy, the fourth Christian movie of the series, Clark, Missie’s dad is headed out further West to visit his daughter and son-in-law. During Clark’s visit, a terrible tragedy happens that shakes up the whole family. Now since Missie doesn’t feel well enough to go back to teaching, Willie accepts a job offered by Doros, the land baron, and mayor, to be the town’s sheriff even though it’s quite a dangerous job. One of the jobs that the sheriff has to do is evict people who have not been able to give payments for their land. Later on, we see Doros’ daughter Collete taking an interest in Missie and Willie’s adopted son Jeff. Jeff is very smart and has been a huge help to Willie as he’s taken on many of the ranch responsibilities. Collete constantly visits Jeff and helps him with his chores sometimes as an excuse to just come see him. The two like each other very much but Collete’s father isn’t very happy with what is happening between them so he plans a trap so that Jeff can be taken away.

The next installment of the Love Comes Softly Series Vol. 2 is Love’s Unending Legacy. At the beginning of this Christian movie, Missie is sadly mourning the loss of her husband Willie who passed away two years back when he was doing sheriff duties. Since then Missie has stayed home and is struggling to maintain the ranch afloat. Eventually, she gives the ranch to her son Jeff and his wife so they can now take care of it. Missie decides to head to her parent’s home along with her young son Mattie. Back home she accepts a new teaching position and is involved with orphan distribution in town. Mattie wants a sibling but at first, she’s not open to adoption however when the distribution is over, a child is left without anyone and Missie can’t bear to leave the child there to go to an orphanage. In that moment Missie offers to adopt the child left, Belinda. She is sure that she heard a voice inside that confirmed that she should adopt her but she isn’t quite sure the reason why. During this time she meets Zach, a man who’s interested in her and wishes to court her but at first, she doesn’t accept. Later on in this Christian DVD, Missie finds out that Belinda has a brother named Jacob but he was among the other orphans. Now she has to embark on a journey to find this boy, adopt him and reunite him with his sister before it’s too late. Zach may be the help she needs to help make this happen.

The sixth Christian movie of the series and the third installment of Love Comes Softly Series Vol. 2 is Love’s Unfolding Dream. This specific movie follows Belinda as she feels that the Lord is leading her to be a doctor but quite frankly at this time women weren’t considered to go into the workforce. She continues as a nurse and helps a woman during her sickness and is recognized for her good medical work during that time. It’s here when she meets Drew Simpson who’s in town to put his uncle’s farm up for sale. At first, he wants to finish what he has come for quickly and go back to New York but after meeting Belinda he isn’t in a hurry anymore. He shows interest in her but she doesn’t reciprocate at first because her goal is to become a doctor and she thinks that having a relationship or marrying would just hold her back. She has felt all this time that God has called her to do that and she can’t ignore it.

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