love comes softly boxed set vol 1 - DVD ImageI personally love this movie series inspired by the Love Comes Softly book series written by amazing author Janette Oke. Yes, even though these movies portray love stories, they are so much more than that. They present love for family, hope, redemption, and Biblical concepts. The movies are period pieces set in the 19th century but they hold special values that we can identify within today’s time. Most of the movies from the Love Comes Softly Series were premiered in the Hallmark Channel.

This Christian DVD holds the three movies that began this series Love Comes Softly, Love’s Enduring Promise and Love’s Long Journey. Let’s talk a little bit about each one.

The first Christian movie of this Love Comes Softly series Vol. 1 is, in fact, Love Comes Softly. In this particular movie, we meet Marty Claridge and her and her husband are moving to the West and start a new life together. But that comes to a halt when Marty’s husband, Aaron, is killed which leaves poor Marty alone and pregnant with his baby. Now she has nowhere to go and winter is quickly approaching. Soon Clark, a widower himself, offers her to stay with him and his daughter, Missie, plus offers her funds to go back East after the winter is over. But to get all of this Marty has to marry Clark but since she desperately needs a place to stay she agrees. Since it’s a business deal basically, Marty and Clark have separate living quarters. With having Marty there, Clark hopes for his daughter Missie to have a maternal example near her. At first, Missie is not very happy with the arrangement but soon she and Marty form a special bond. Also during her time with Clark, she learns about God and what it means to have a relationship with Him as well. Now, Marty has made an agreement with Clark to leave after winter, Will she leave anyways after bonding with Missie? Will something form between Clark and her?

The second Christian movie of the Love Comes Softly Series Vol. 1 is Love’s Enduring Promise. Here the movie focuses more on Clark’s daughter Missie, she is now a young woman and teaches the local children at the school. She loves reading, especially the fictional romance novels and is caught up in that world regularly. Soon Clark has a terrible accident and is saved by a mysterious man who’s had a troubling past. The mysterious man begins working at the family’s farm and Missie wonders if he’s a good choice for her. But at the same time, she meets a young man that comes from money, who has traveled all over and loves to read as well. Her heart is suddenly torn between these two men and she has to decide to move forward with what her heart loves and is indicating her to do.

The third installment of the Love Comes Softly Series is Love’s Long Journey. In this Christian movie the mysterious stranger from the previous movie, Willie and Missie are married and soon discovers that she’s with child. This comes as a surprise for Missie as her and her husband had just decided to move from Missie’s parent’s home and moving deeper West to seek out new opportunities. Along the way, the couple meets Jeff Huff and his older brother Sonny and all of them become very close. They settle in Tettsford Junction and begin their homestead in that area. This is exciting yet scary for Missie since this is the first time she’s been away from the comforts of her childhood home. At first in this Christian movie, the experience of the homestead is not what Missie and Willie had pictured in their heads, therefore, they learn to adapt to this new place and appreciate what little they have. Some challenges come to this family, especially some trouble with Sonny and the bad people he was involved with. But always depending on God and uniting as a family, Willie and Missie don’t give up and continue with their dream.

If you love Hallmark Channel movies and don’t mind some romance, you have to check out these great movies. If you’d like to know what happens in this series, make sure to purchase Love Comes Softly Series Vol. 1 Boxed Set!

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