Lost Boy The Documentary, which we’ll be releasing next month was recently reviewed by the Dove Foundation.  They had some very nice things to say about this biographical documentary about Greg Laurie’s life, his coming to Christ and his ministry since then

Here is the life story of Greg Laurie, a fascinating life which began with Greg being raised by a mother who drank a lot and divorced several men and remarried. The documentary reveals a young Greg in search of fulfillment and he finds it in the person of Jesus Christ. This testimony is particularly inspiring as Greg formerly experimented with drugs and looked into Eastern mysticism. Today he is married and a father and holds evangelistic meetings in which he leads others to Christ. There is talk in the documentary of drugs and abuse and we are recommending this DVD for ages twelve plus although many parents will be comfortable with their mature children under this age viewing the DVD. It is an inspiring story about a remarkable change in a man’s life. We are pleased to award this DVD five Doves, our highest rating.

You can read their entire review here

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