Exploring the magnificent design of creatures under the sea, Living Waters uses beautiful cinematography along with fascinating CGI to make the point: There is an intelligent designer! Join us this week as we review the fascinating documentary: Living Waters!

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I was sent this movie a few weeks ago for review, and I really didn’t know much going into it. I was amazed immediately when putting in the DVD at some of the beautiful cinematography and environments. This movie consists of three different types of shots: shots of the animals out in the sea, interviews with scientists and researchers, and finally some rather impressive computer graphics animations that help the viewer to comprehend what’s being said.

Living Waters aims to show you the intelligent design found in everything in nature. From dolphins’ echolocation to salmon swimming upstream, everything is a testament to God’s incredible design. This film also talks about the evolutionary standpoint, and explains some of the problems with their theories. The supposed mutations that would be required for these animals to evolve is ridiculously complex and the probability of these things happening by random chance is completely impossible, not even with hundreds of millions of years.

Living Waters studies one animal at a time, showing case by case the amazing design of these magnificent creatures. The conclusion of the film hits the point home that there is no way this could have happened by accident. The only option left is to believe that there is an intelligent creator above it all. If you’re fascinated with sea life or God’s intelligent design, we at FishFlix.com highly recommend you take a look at this film. It’s enjoyable, beautiful to watch, and makes an undeniable case for a creator.

This movie is completely clean with really only one issue you need to be aware of. One brief part in the film touches on the reproduction of whales, and while it lasts only for a minute or two, it’s worth noting to be cautious for younger viewers.

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