Little Boy - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is so sweet and filled with so much heart. This story is inspired by the events occurred in World War II but the story was written by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, who is the film’s director as well. Gómez Monteverde apart from this movie, he’s also written and directed other faith-based films like, for example, Bella. I’ve actually written a blog post about it, you can check it out HERE.
One of my favorite things from Little Boy is that we see this story basically from the eyes of an eight-year-old who only wants World War II to end so his father gets back home safe

The story in Little Boy is set in a small town called O’Hare in the state of California. Immediately we meet Pepper Busbee (played by Jakob Salvati), a boy who is quite small in stature for his age of 8 years old. Pepper is very close to his father James, who is always very loving towards his son. They’ve shared this deep connection ever since his little Pepper was born. Unsure of his lack of growth, Pepper visits a doctor and asks him if it’s dwarfism what he has. The doctor only tells him that he’s a “little boy” and that phrase stuck. It became Pepper’s nickname and he did not like it at all. Whenever somebody would call him by his nickname Pepper would make a fuss about it.

Now, World War II has officially begun and men are being called to be soldiers and fight the good fight. Pepper’s older brother London is evaluated to join but is proclaimed unqualified to be in the military because he has flat feet. Because of this, James, Pepper’s father decides to join in his oldest son’s place and this devastates little Pepper. After his dad leaves to the war, Pepper is deeply moved by the verse from the Bible presented in Matthew 17:20 about having faith as small as a mustard seed and how it can move mountains. Hearing this, Pepper is set to have the biggest faith so his father can come home. But his friend and counselor, Father Oliver, reminds him that faith can be useless when someone has hate in their heart. So Father Oliver encourages Pepper to become friends with Hashimoto, a Japanese man.
This takes Pepper by surprise and is quite hesitant to the advice. Since the Japanese have “taken” his father away, how can he be friends with him? But as Pepper from Little Boy begins to get to know Hashimoto, that friendship starts being important to him. And Hashimoto teaches Pepper how to stand up to those who make fun of his height.

Later on, in Little Boy, James, Pepper’s father is reported MIA and Pepper’s mom is struggling to keep things afloat, dealing with this news, and maintaining her family together and close. London, Pepper’s brother, alongside Sam, a man who lost a son in the war, pay a visit to Hashimoto at night and attack him sending him to the hospital. Because of this London ends up arrested but surprisingly, Hashimoto chooses not to press charges against him so London is released.

One day a representative from the Army arrives at the Busbee home and gives the horrible news that James has been killed and buried overseas. Alongside the Busbee’s, Hashimoto attends the memorial service in honor of James. Both Pepper and Hashimoto share a sweet moment talking about belief and loss.

To the Busbee’s surprise, Another representative from the Army arrives at their house and informs them that James didn’t die. (I gasped at this very moment!!) The man that had passed on had taken James’ boots and dog tags therefore when the body was found, it identified as James. Quickly the family heads to the hospital to see James and learn that he’s suffering from some amnesia since he was injured in the head. Pepper hands his father a pair of boots he had gotten right after his dad had left for war. Pepper wanted to get them since he knew his dad had been wanting them for a long time.Little Boy - DVD Image

The story presented in Little Boy is beautiful and is a full reminder of the amazing tool we have at our disposal, FAITH. With it and God, we can accomplish things we’d never thought we could achieve. You can find Little Boy for purchase in

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