At the forefront of all Christian Media and Family-Friendly Entertainment is the desire for a strong, healthy faith and family system in society. It used to be that most of the media outlets were like strangers you wanted your children and loved ones to stay away from. And in all honesty, your conscience probably prompted the rest of you to stay away from such material as well.

Like just about any other technological advancement present within our society that we take for granted, we often overlook the fact that we live in a day and age where Christian media is actively producing great films and content that we can trust to be alone with our children, friends, and ourselves.

Faith & Family Films has brought forward several new films that you and your family will surely enjoy. We’ve got four of them here for you to take a look at! You can find them all at!

Soldier Love Story: A story of how love will withstand any opposition as a soldier returns from his tour overseas and engages the challenges of returning back to civilian life.

The Nanny Express: A busy dad who has lost his wife hires a nanny in order to help bring order to his home, emphasizing the importance of a role of a woman in each man and child’s life.

Courage: One father finds that sometimes, fighting for his family means taking them out into nature to learn the truth about what the family is all about.

Miles from Nowhere: After his best friend has died, Cameron changes his entire life goals in order to honor what his friend and fellow athlete, John, would have accomplished had he still been alive. Miles from Nowhere is a story about friendship and family and the grave importance of unity in this day and age.