Christian media fans who also have enjoyed films from Nicolas Cage are in for a treat. The Left Behind series has been cross-generationally influencing people to think about eternity. So far, three film adaptations have been made from the Left Behind Series. The first Left Behind film stars Kirk Cameron and introduces the idea of the rapture happening. In Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force, the years of tribulation continue as the group of new believers attempt to grow in their faith and numbers amidst horrifying circumstances. The third film, Left Behind 3: World At War, demonstrates the worldwide consequences and realities being distributed due to the rise of the antichrist. After the third film was made, the series seemed to be done for a while….until now!

Nicolas Cage and several other distinguished and talented actors have joined the team to create a reboot of Left Behind’s first film. Nicolas Cage will play Rayford Steele, a father who loses his wife and son in the rapture while he flies commercial airlines for a living. Not many details have yet been released about this rebooted Left Behind Series, but this upcoming film brings with it the promise of furthered conversation amongst Christians and non-Christians alike regarding eternity and the end of the world. Apocalyptic films are nothing new, but Left Behind will provide Christians with an opportunity to discuss the all important question of where a person goes when he or she dies and what will happen to the world when the end finally comes?

As you pop your popcorn and ice your drinks in preparation for this Left Behind Reboot, you can enjoy the first three Left Behind films! Each film is available for individual purchase online at!