Lassie Triple Feature 2 DVD Set - DVD ImageLassie is definitely one of TV’s iconic characters and one that will always be remembered and cherished. Not only is Lassie a well-known television name, it’s also a name known in the cinematic world. For example this furry friend is a part of three movies included in Lassie Triple Feature 2 DVD Set like Lassie Come Home, Son of Lassie and Courage of Lassie. All these movies were released in the 1940’s and are the ones included in this Christian DVD set.

The Christian movie Lassie Come Home is about how a collie dog named Lassie escapes from the household where the family intended to sell her. Here Lassie begins her extended journey from where she was in Scotland towards what’s going to be her Yorkshire home.

Then the next movie called Son of Lassie focuses on how Laddie, Lassie’s son, and his owner are going through World War 2 and how they’re stranded in Norway. Suddenly it’s a testament to see if Laddie has the same courage of his mother.

The third installment is Courage of Lassie which is about Bill, a collie puppy who has been separated from his mother and is found by young girl Kathie. Later when an accident causes him to be separated from her, Bill is placed on K-9 duties and soon makes him become violent. He finds his way back home but is considered a killer.

Let’s begin with the Christian DVD Lassie Come Home. We’re located in Yorkshire, England with the Carraclough family. This family has been going through some rough times economically and are forced to sell Lassie, their collie dog to the Duke of Rudling who obviously is standing well economically. The young son of the Carraclough named Joe is heartbroken to have lost Lassie.

Lassie doesn’t want to be with the Duke so she tries to escape and return to Joe but the Duke decides to take her to his home in Scotland far, far away from where they were. The Duke’s granddaughter Priscilla takes a liking to Lassie but notice that she’s not happy so she plans to have her escape.

Now Lassie has to find her way back to Yorkshire and go back to little Joe. Along the way she faces many difficulties like storms and dog catchers but she also finds kind people who help her on her way. Back in Yorkshire, Joe has lost hope in seeing Lassie again but to his surprise, his beloved dog has come to him

Next in the Christian movie Son of Lassie we’re located in England once again but this time in the estate of the Duke of Rudling. Here is a place where they train dogs for the war. All of this is supervised by Sam Carraclough who is the one who gets to select which are the best dogs to train. In this group of dogs to be selected there’s Laddie, the son of Lassie. Remember little Joe Carraclough from Lassie Come Home? Well now he’s all grown up and has joined the Royal Air Force in the Second World War.

Laddie follows Joe as he trains and just as he’s about to go on a dangerous mission in Norway where Nazis have occupied most of it, Laddie hides in Joe’s vehicle. Suddenly they’re hit by the enemy and Joe is injured. Ladie looks for help but both of them become separated as Joe is taken and Laddie is pursued by the enemy. Since Joe is missing, the Germans use Laddie to look for Joe who had apparently escaped. Soon both of them are reunited but they still have to escape Nazi soldiers. What an adventure, right?

In the last installment Courage of Lassie, we see how a collie puppy is separated from his mother and grows in the forest alone. One day he is injured by a hunter and young Kathie Merrick finds him and decides to take the dog home. Alongside Mr. MacBain, a shepherd, Kathie helps the dog come back to health. She names the collie Bill and teaches him what it is to herd sheep. One day Bill is hit by a truck and taken to an animal hospital but Kathie is unknown to all of this. Nobody at the hospital claims him so he is sent to a War Dog Training Center and is given the name of Duke.

What will happen with Bill? Will he ever get back to Kathie? How will this training affect him?

All of these stories are to be found in the Christian DVD Lassie Triple Feature 2 DVD Set which is available at the Fishflix store!

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