King's Faith - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is all about having faith, redemption and realizing that second chances can happen and realizing the fact that it’s given freely to us.

King’s Faith is about 18-year-old Brendan who tries to escape the life he lived before when he was a gang member but his violent past affects his newly found faith, his family and any possibility of a bright future.

One of the things that I love about this movie is that we get to see a glimpse of the main character’s life before he gave his life to Christ. For example, some movies begin to tell the story of a certain character without explaining some backstory so we can understand where this character comes from but this Christian movie manages to give us that much-needed backstory so we can understand where Brendan comes from. So in the Christian DVD King’s Faith, we meet Brendan King (played by Crawford Wilson). Brendan grew up in the foster home which led him to seek the wrong types of friends. Because of this, he was considered a juvenile delinquent as he continued to hang out with people who did wrong things and caused trouble. As he grew up the crimes were getting bigger as well and becoming more serious. Brendan is a part of a gang that accepts people from multiple races called Avenue D. This specific gang is the one that leads the place where Brendan lives which means that they do a lot of the wrong business, for example, they sell drugs and they have illegal weapons. Now Brendan is 15 years old and is part of Avenue D. At this age he is a drug dealer and has had to handle guns. This is something that is very difficult to deal with especially when he’s so young. One day and this Christian movie a raid of Federal cops find out of how avenue D works and the rest many of those that were working in that world. Brendan is one of those who are arrested and he’s placed in juvenile detention until he turns 18 years old.

When Brendan reaches the age of 18, he is free but on parole and sent to live with a new foster family. He actually moves in with a Christian family whose parents Vanessa and Mike Stubbs are faithful to what they believe in. This family begins to be of influence to Brendan especially Mike who gives his attention to him and tries to be that father that Brendan never had. Because of this family, Brendan begins to wonder what life would be like if he were a Christian believer. Since he moved in with the Stubbs, Brandon now attends a new school and there he meets a group called The Seekers. This group has meetings on campus where they seek to deepen their relationship with the Lord and support each other on the Christian walk. Brendan from King’s Faith joins the group and begins seeking a relationship with God and eventually gives his life to Him. He continually attends the meetings and helps bring people to God as well.
One day Brendan saves a girl, Natalie, from a car accident but since she was texting and driving she is sentenced to fulfill Community service. Brendan is still doing community service as well because of his past so he feels a connection towards Natalie somehow. Immediately Brandon encourages her to attend meetings of the seekers and she is quite impressed and encouraged by his testimony and his new way of life in God. But her boyfriend doesn’t like the fact of her attending the meetings but she continues to attend anyway.

King's Faith - DVD Image

Soon in King’s Faith, Brendan sees a house for sale and is suddenly struck with an idea. He wants to get enough money so he can make a payment, buy the house and use it as a home for people who began just like him, for people in need of a second chance at life. But as soon as he begins planning and dreaming of this house and the positive effect it will make on people, some of the people he knew in his old life start to appear. They begin to make fun of his new faith, discourage him and try to lure him back to the life out on the streets. They even mention how much money and power he will get if he comes back and works with them. What will Brendan choose?

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