Karen Kingsbury's The Bridge - DVD ImageThis Christian movie was released in 2015 at the Hallmark Channel and it quickly became a great hit. I believe that it’s a combination of a lot of things. For example, this story is based on the book “The Bridge” by New York Times Best-Selling Author Karen Kingsbury. For many years Karen has been writing faith-based fiction and her stories are always filled with amazing values like faith, hope, love, and family. I love that this movie represents all of that, just like the book does. But this Christian DVD includes two movies, one that showcases the start of Molly and Ryan´s friendship and relationship, the other one showcases what happens next with these two and the bookstore.
Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge is about two students, Molly and Ryan, who both attend Belmont University. They both meet on their first day and help each other study. Their place of study is a local bookstore called The Bridge which becomes an important part of their lives and their growing relationship.

In this Christian movie, we meet Molly Callens (played by Katie Findlay) and Ryan Kelly (played by Wyatt Nash). Molly comes from a wealthy family and her father´s global company in Seattle is destined to fall in her hands even though she´s not very keen to do so. Ryan, on the other hand, he dreams of being a musician, to write songs and play his music. Both of these dream-filled teenagers have just finished high school and are now college freshmen. For Molly and Ryan, starting college is a new experience and a pretty huge step for them. Both of them meet on the first day and they become each other´s study partner. So even though they were both nervous about starting this new chapter in their lives, they find comfort and friendship in each other as they begin to spend time together. The place they choose to study at is at a local bookstore called The Bridge, a charming store where its owners, Charlie and Donna Barton (played by Ted McGinley and Faith Ford), always make everybody that enters feel like family. Molly and Ryan also get to know other people that frequently visit the store as well.
Later on in The Bridge, Molly and Ryan share each other´s childhood dreams and encourage one another to pursue them. They push each other to step out of their own comfort zones and go towards their dreams. Both of them continue to get to know each other and they wonder if their feelings towards each other are growing. But a big misunderstanding occurs between Ryan and Molly causing their relationship to break apart and now they fear they won´t be able to go back to where they were at first. Suddenly a horrible event threatens The Bridge´s livelihood. What will happen to the store they´ve come to love? What will happen with Ryan and Molly?

Then in the Christian movie The Bridge part two (which was released in 2016) 7 years have passed since Ryan and Molly had last spoken and quite frankly they both were living lives they didn´t want. Molly is in Seattle, running her dad´s company in Seattle, also Ryan is on the road but playing backup to other singers and hasn´t been able to develop his talent as a singer & musician. He decides to think his life through and goes to his hometown of Tennessee where many memories fill his mind, including the memory of a girl he used to know. Molly is now soon to be 25, she´s dating a man named Preston and is about to become CEO of the company but she´s not happy with how her life has turned out. She watches a video her and Ryan had made 7 years before, and while watching it realizes that handling a company is not what she wants to do. When she learns about a tragedy that has happened on The Bridge, she chooses to go back to where she once felt the happiest she has ever been.

This Christian DVD contains two discs, part 1 and part 2! It’s fine to watch part 1 only or part 2 but what I recommend to do is to watch them both because then you can see the real importance of The Bridge and how all of these characters develop through the years.

Karen Kingsbury’s The Bridge: The Complete Story is available for purchase at Fishflix.com!
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