Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie - DVD ImageFrom Phil Vischer’s creativeness and the production of Big Idea Productions comes Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie! I remember that the last years of my childhood were filled with VeggieTales, it’s such an excellent resource for kids! Not only do they have great animation and colors but the stories from the Bible and lessons are so great for children to learn from. Apart from the stories, VeggieTales also includes very fun characters and songs. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie is no exception to this and takes both children and their parents on a journey with Jonah and his friends.

This Christian movie tackles two storylines, one in the present and the other in Bible times. At the beginning of the movie we meet Bob the Tomato and Dad Asparagus who are taking some Veggie kids to a concert. One of the kids, Laura, is showing off her backstage pass to the concert and it doesn’t sit well with the others, especially with Junior. At one point, Bob (who’s driving) is tapped in the head by a guitar and loses control a bit of the vehicle and this causes Laura to lose grasp of her ticket to the wind. Laura is devastated and to make the situation even worse, a porcupine’s quills pops two of their van’s tires making the van go off the road and down a hill.

They’re all safe and go to a restaurant nearby, they all begin to point fingers at each other for the cause of the crash. Junior is sure that Laura losing her backstage pass ticket happened because of herself. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything appear and show Junior that he probably has been unfair to Laura and motivate him to show some compassion towards her. To explain this even better to all the Veggies, the pirates begin telling the story of Jonah, a Godly man

In this moment of Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, we meet Jonah who is a prophet from Israel. He visits different towns proclaiming the Word of God and His messages.
Now God has asked him to go deliver a message to the people of Nineveh but Jonah doesn’t want to tell this specific message to them. A message of repentance to the Ninevites?!
Not wanting to do this, Jonah tries to escape God’s plan and has The Pirates take him by boat to the land of Tarshish. The ship sails away from land and all that Jonah feels is guilt so he goes below the main dock to rest a little. Below the ship he meets Khalil, a caterpillar salesman who wants to join Jonah on his trip. At night Jonah has a nightmare and in that moment when he wakes up Jonah notices that the ship is being rocked by a storm outside. The captain of the ship, Pa Grape, is set on that the storm is sent by God because of His anger towards someone onboard the ship. And how do they know who God is angry with? All of them decide to play Go Fish to see who it is. Of course, Jonah loses so he has to walk the plank. This was confirmation to the others that Jonah was the one God was angry with because right when Jonah left the ship, the storm calmed. Still the pirates from the ship try to take Jonah back in but he is suddenly swallowed by a huge whale.Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie - DVD Image

Khalil the caterpillar managed to be inside the whale and finds a sad Jonah. Angels from God visit the both of them inside the whale and explain to Jonah that if he truly repents he’ll get a second chance. Jonah feels compelled to do so and in that instant the whale spits them out at shore.

At first Jonah is denied entrance to the city but when infront of King Twistomer, Jonah tells him the message from God about how all of Nineveh should repent or be destroyed. The King and the people choose to believe Jonah.
While waiting for God’s order of destroying Nineveh, the Lord provides a plant to shade Jonah from the sun but as Khalil eats a leaf, the plant dies. Jonah feels bad for the plant and at this moment we realize that he showed compassion for a plant and not to the people of the land.

Now back with the Veggies, they are reminded of God’s mercy and compassion towards them and how they must be that way with others.

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