Jackson’s Run is a DVD not to be missed! My heart and thoughts are still spinning about the meaning of life and the plan that God has for each of us after viewing this DVD.

Jackson’s Run is about an adolescent boy who has grown up with the loss of his father who had not returned home from war. ┬áHaving a hard time understanding what happened to his Dad and even more so, struggling with his Mom who seemed to be withholding truth about the past, Jackson allowed himself to fall into the life of drugs and breaking the law. The weight of his misdirection was heavy. After facing major consequences for sinful choices, Jackson still chooses to run from reality and the true meaning of life.

However, it wasn’t long before Jackson’s lifestyle caught up with him and his “luck” had run out. He was caught by the police and was forced to do work with youth Pastor Chris Daniels in a homeless shelter. It was his work at this shelter that changed the course of his life forever. It was at this shelter that God revealed more truth to him than he could have ever imagined.

Jackson’s Run is a compelling story showing how the choices that we make have consequences and these consequences are in our hands, whether their outcome is good or bad. It shows that God has a plan and purpose for each of us. It is said in this film that life has a start and a finish, it is up to us the footprints that we leave in-between.

I could watch this DVD several times. There are so many lessons given, and after watching Jackson’s Run, I would guess that your heart would also be stirring for quite awhile, challenging you on how you are living your life and the impact that you are having. Whether it’s a life for yourself or a life lived out for the Lord, leaving positive footprints on the earth God created.

The acting in this movie in my opinion, is award winning acting. I was drawn to each character, hoping for the best, hurting when the worst happened, and learned from each of them. The story line is intriguing, holding my attention until the very last moment of the DVD. With so many different lives intersected with one another, you want to see how each person’s life unfolds.

What a wonderful DVD, Jackson’s Run. I highly, highly recommend this film. (Please note that there are war scenes, involving blood and death as well as one swear word)