For Christians and Christian media, parenting is among the most important of all mechanisms of society. The world has its version of parenting skills and media representations of parenting. Unfortunately, MTV and other programs seem to portray parenting in a negative light. Many comedians openly joke about how they hate their children and wish to have never had them. It is no secret that the spirit of the age longs for selfish and vain ambition in light of harming others. Watch an episode of teen mom and you’ll witness a post-birth abortion drawn out over the course of 16-18 years. Or, turn your television to any news outlet and hear all about pre-birth abortion occurring while a baby is still in his or her mommy’s belly.

What needs to be produced more often is a voice of the people that will support and encourage parents in raising their children correctly. For one family in particular, this voice has finally manifested. 18 Kids and Counting chronicles the journey of a rather large family and how two parents join together to accomplish the great task raising almost two dozen kids in today’s society without having to call up Edward Norton and Brad Pitt to start a cleansing Fight Club. You may not have 18 kids, but nevertheless, any parent can learn from and enjoy the tales told by the Duggar family. The Duggars have since had more than just 18 kids and have also welcomed the title of Grandparents to their repertoire. It is a message all Christians can be grateful for as they witness what it means to raise kids in such a tough time in the world’s history. Amidst the economic, moral, and physiological downfalls present within the world today, 18 Kids and Counting provides hope. You can find the DVD available online at!