Fatherhood and Husbandry are certainly no easy tasks. For this reason, Christian media encourages and emulates the imagery children and wives must see in their homes. Alex and Stephen Kendrick have created a film that will surely remind all me everywhere the importance of showing up.

Courageous tells the tale of a group of male police officers of various ages and the lives they lead. One officer is young and has already done a good job of running away from his mistakes. The other men are older and face mid-life questions that many men in the real world do face each and every day while being convinced they must find solutions on their own without the help of others. The issue of Fatherhood is thoroughly addressed in Courageous as one specific man must face the decisions that come when ones daughter begins looking for a man of her own. The young man she has chosen is quite ratchet and is attempting to earn credibility by joining a gang of men who stand up against the law rather than for it.

No father’s eye will be left dry as he attempts to watch Courageous. It is imperative that the hearts of men treat their wives and children properly (especially in this day and age). We live in a time where fatherhood and husbandry are more often the punch lines of jokes rather than the realities children and women can come home to each and every day. With this in mind, Fishflix.com encourages you to schedule a movie night in which your most important male figures are present. Being a man has never been easy, but thanks to Courageous and other stories of Reconciliation, no man has to be alone. Check out Courageous at Fishflix.com and your family certainly won’t be disappointed!