There is perhaps nothing more sacred and central to a human’s identity as their sexuality. In the realm of sex trafficking, the identities of humanity are being destroyed in the name of economic growth. Playing off the distorted and lustful desires of men around the world, the horror of sex-trafficking is bringing slavery back into the mainstream economy of the world. Christians and the makers of Christian films have answered the call to rescue our soon-to-be brothers and sisters in the sex-trade around the world. By bringing the church’s attention to sex-trafficking, Christian movies about sex trafficking are working hard to unleash the most powerful group of people on the enemy’s strongholds in the earth.

The heightened awareness about this worldwide problem will establish a network of Christians that are not going to tolerate money-hungry motives over the lives of those precious to God. There are several ways you can get involved. First and foremost, pray and ask God for your personal assignment regarding this issue. Also, you can support causes that are already attacking the stronghold of sexual slavery around the world. The Demand Project, The Cause Tulsa, and many other organizations have begun a work that is already changing the world. Familiarize yourself with the issue of sex-trafficking and what it is unfortunately causing around the earth. We at have several films available on DVD that will help you engage in a war that’s happening all over the earth. Take a look!

Not Today: Like many in the Western world, sex-trafficking sounds like an issue that exists elsewhere and needs to be fixed. But, of course, other people can be the ones to fix it. “Not Today” tells a story of how this small-minded thinking bubble is burst open for one certain young man.

The Pink Room: A documentary entailing the horrors of sex-slavery around the world.

Trade of Innocents: In an effort to help free sex-slaves around the world, “Trade of Innocents” tells the story of the cost of sex-slavery and inspires its audience to join in the fight to eradicate slavery in the earth today.

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls: Sticking true to the meaning of its title, Nefarious tells of the pure evil that exists within the sex-trade worldwide.