The end of the world has been a big question on people’s minds since…..about the beginning of the world. Many seem to be fascinated with the question of “Where did we come from?” and there are many Christian movies that use Biblical accounts to answer that question. Lucky for us Bible and movie lovers, the scriptures don’t just tell us where we came from, but also where we’re headed. The end times have been the focus of several Christian movies and they don’t seem to be slowing down either. We at have put together a list of our various end times and apocalyptic Christian film titles just for you!


The Left Behind Series: Perhaps the most popular of all end-times films, these novel based movies have given many a glimpse into what the end of the world rapture might look like.

The Mark and The Mark 2: These films take a look at the realities humanity might face if microchip technology goes far enough to make humans mere numbers.

The Moment After and The Moment After 2: When millions of people disappear worldwide, two F.B.I. agents try to find out why and how.

The Apocalypse DVD Collection: Planning an end-times themed party or weekend retreat at your church or co-op? This collection is sure to raise the right questions when it comes to the end of the world and what we Christians can do to be ready.

Revelation Road and Revelation Road 2: Josh McManus finds himself in rough pumpkins as the world endures the time of testing brought on by the rapture and tribulation.

New World Order: The end has come and a New World Order has arisen. Demi Holloway and Christen Brooks try to make life work in the midst of the apocalyptic era happening around them.