Colleen Ann Guest was the winner of one of our drawings for the fans on our Facebook page. Little did we know, Colleen is also one of the actresses in some of the DVDs that we provide on! So we decided to ask her a few questions about her work and experiences in the Christian Film industry!
As a Facebook fan of and the winner of our drawing for the 3 DVD Pray for Turkey Pack, you must enjoy Christian movies. What are a few of your favorites?
First of all I want to thank for everything you do. I am honored to have won the prize pack! I have three favorite movies currently and they are all independent films:
1 Paranormal by Cross Shadow Productions (
2 Fatal Flaw by The Olsen Brothers (
3 The Mysterious Islands by the Erwin Brothers (
I like films that share the Gospel that don’t appear preachy or patronizing; films that appeal to the unsaved rather than are just entertainment for the already saved. I understand the need for wholesome entertainment for those of us who are believers, but I really feel called to use my talents to evangelize and not just entertain and so I gravitate towards those films.

What was it like working on Christian films, Pray and Pray 2: The Woods?

Cross Shadow Productions is perhaps the BEST film crew I’ve ever worked with on so many levels. We PRAY together before and during the shoots, they are always fun and easy to work with (no diva attitudes!), and they LOVE good practical jokes. I like a good sense of humor on set…things can get tense when you’re on a tight schedule and the weather doesn’t cooperate or technical difficulties ensue. We have a GREAT time on set for sure!

What messages would you say are within the films? What will the viewers walk away with after watching these films?

I believe there are two main messages:
1. That we all need a savior who is Jesus Christ and
2. That we MUST communicate with him through prayer.
Praying is an integral part of our relationship with the Lord and it can literally save our lives! I sincerely hope that although the viewer may be entertained (and even scared or startled at times) they will see how some of the characters are carried through trials by their faith and prayers.How would you say secular horror films are different than Christian horror films?

Well the most obvious difference is that there is no reference to the need for a Savior in a secular film. All the protagonists in secular horror films are credited for being “good” and their survival depends upon luck, skills they’ve acquired, and a complete belief in their own abilities. Overall though; there really aren’t enough Christian thrillers out there to compare with secular films in the genre. I grew up watching horror/thriller/sci-fi movies and I personally love them. The Bible is FILLED with thrilling scenes, horrifying images and downright scary moments. People love a good scare and I would like to see more films made in this genre with a Christian perspective and redeem this form of art for the Lord.

What age group or age groups would you suggest this film to? What kind of setting would be good for these groups to view this movie in?

I think I would suggest the films for the over 10 on up crowd with the emphasis on the middle school years. I really think having a youth group movie night including the Bible study provided would be a great way use the film – Maybe on Halloween weekend as an alternative to other activities. Discussion after viewing is an important part too. People pick up on different things and sharing their perspectives gives the viewers a chance to connect to each other and learn more about prayer and faith. There’s a lot of symbolism in the films. Have you noticed all the chains?? I believe the chains represent our bondage of sin and that with prayers we maintain our relationship with Christ who has broken that bondage for us. But the chains never really leave…they are always clanking all around us waiting for the next chance to bind us. Prayer isn’t a one time event – we need to pray without ceasing!

These films are based on true events, how does that affect the environment when making the film? How does it affect the message of the film?

It gives the films a sense of being grounded in reality. Not movie reality – our daily life reality. Just knowing there were real events surrounding the film makes the scary scenes scarier and the feelings of the characters more personal somehow. Whether Madison Preston is running for her life or praying for help, the scenes feel real.

Anything that you would like to add for the viewers?

As a sinner, I am eternally grateful (no pun intended!) that Christ sought me and bought me with his precious blood. My name is counted among believers and I know it’s not through any of my own doing that it got there. It’s been thrilling and encouraging for me to be a part of the Cross Shadow Productions team because they share the Gospel both on screen and off and they strive to live lives worthy of being called Christian. It’s been an honor and blessing to part of their family. I encourage everyone to rent, buy, or just watch their films and be sure to keep a watchful eye for the final thrilling conclusion to the Pray trilogy!


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