It’s good for us all to have a good laugh, which was something I was in the mood for recently. Thankfully I was not disappointed when I decided to watch, I’m Not High Maintenance- Just Low Tolerance. This Christian DVD is a recording of comedian Anita Renfroe performing stand-up comedy onstage while on a cruise boat. She is before a large, active audience and does an amazing job of permeating music and video into her set, all in a very funny, clean way.

A little background for me and comedy is that I don’t always relate to the jokes or find people easily amusing, which is to my own regret, so while I first began watching, I’m Not High Maintenance- Just Low Tolerance, I wasn’t too sure that I was going to feel any different about it than I have about others. It began a bit slow and she appeared to be a bit nervous at first, but once those nerves were calmed, the humor flowed and even I was amused! She joked about the changes in technology, the differences between men and woman and several other applicable topics.

What impressed me the most, other than her ability to incorporate music into her performance, was that she entertained people from all walks of life and was still able to share an impactful message of her faith in Jesus, which was not compromised by the humor that she used to entertain them preceding her message.

Because, I’m Not High Maintenance- Just Low Tolerance, was filmed on a cruise boat in front of a large audience, it would be a great DVD to watch in your home or within a large group of people. Either way you would feel like you were a part of her audience and be entertained just the same!