In one of the most ambitious new Christian movies, “I’m In Love with a Church Girl” tells the tale of being unequally yoked. Miles (played by Jeff Atkins, the rapper more preferably known as “Ja Rule”) and Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon from Disney’s The Cheetah Girls) live lives on two separate sides of the church doors. Miles has come to attain the millionaire’s lifestyle and plenty of government authority attention due to his drug-dealing days. Vanessa has been raised in a godly home with a very active amount of church involvement. When the two meet at a 4th of July party, Miles seems to be a bit more interested in studying the Bible.

Having distanced himself from his past, Miles cleans up his act and starts spending more time with Vanessa. In an effort spend time with her, Miles opens his heart to the message of the Gospel and begins to inquire about Jesus. Over time, Miles and Vanessa meet each other’s families and begin to engage in a healthy courtship. But as the Bible teaches, Miles and Vanessa come to experience an offering-bucket full of difficulty when life’s challenges come and faith is not shared.

With a loaded cast, “I’m in Love with a Church Girl”  is a new Christian movie that will engage an audience of any age while not crossing any lines of inappropriate behavior. Audiences will be encouraged to seek God’s truth and live according to it. If you or anyone you know ever plans on being in a romantic relationship, you’ll certainly want to make use of your chance to get a hold of “I’m In Love with a Church Girl.”

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