Iesodo (Yay-Sa-Doe) is a DVD series of short stories based off of a best-selling book. The short stories contain Biblical teaching, but use a large variety of animated birds to get their messages across.
Iesodo, meaning “The Way of Jesus”, is a male dove who gathers the birds to give them the message of hope. Once these birds meet Iesodo, their lives forever change.

I recently watched the beginning of the series, Iesodo Believe and immediately enjoyed how colorful and beautiful the “set” was and how colorful the birds themselves are. Since the characters are birds, as the viewer you often see the ariel view of things, which has a really stunning, detailed design of what is their version of the Holy Land. These attributes make the DVD that much more entertaining and adds so much value to the stories and characters themselves.

With Iesodo Believe, there are two separate stories that are a part of the DVD. However the second story is also a continuation of the first, where the characters are the same, the setting is the same, but the message to be learned is different, with new characters added as well.
These stories are perfect for children to understand and I would almost think that these DVDs would be useful for a Sunday school setting or even better, for a family with young children, to watch and be able to have a purposeful conversation after watching. Specifically if the children are young enough to need additional explanation, the child can have the platform of the message understood via the DVD, and the parent can use these bird characters as a simply way to teach the message even further.

Overall I think that these were valuable short stories that I believe moving forward into the series with even more development of the characters, can be and are probably very useful for the young community. They are DVDs with valuable attributes: the messages being taught, the colorful, entertaining aspect about it that  easily captures your attention, and so many different ways that Iesodo can be used to reach those who have not heard.

I have only viewed the first DVD of the Iesodo series, but I am very curious to see how it all plays out!