Do you ever wonder what it feels like to hit rock bottom?

Homeless for the Holidays portrays this scenario in a way that many of us middle class Americans could relate to. Jack Baker is a man that many of us men can relate to. He is a success in his own little world, he drifts toward workaholism, he’s concerned with what others think, he works hard, and his work has led to marginal success that he believes will lead to greater success and comfort in the future. People around him value his hard work and he is an asset to those around him, especially to those at his company.

Jack Baker

He is at a place in life where most of us would like to be, or feel like we are. Life is comfortable, he lives in a good house, has a good job, and family life is good. Jack loves Christmas too.  For Jack Baker Christmas is an annual celebration of all the things good in his life (family, wealth, love, success.)

This Christmas is different however. Jack gets the rug pulled out from under him, and his family tumbles down with him.  Throughout Homeless for the Holidays , we watch his family slowly, painfully move toward hitting rock bottom… as the name of the film foreshadows.

The Dove Foundation said

This is an incredible story of hitting the bottom but that perseverance can help a person get through anything. Jack Baker and his wife Cheryl and two children seemed to have an idealistic life. Jack held a high salaried position. Everyone wanted something from Jack. He had no idea that soon he would be the one seeking help. (whole review @ )

So this is rock bottom?

Throughout the film, I found myself asking, what if I couldn’t find work? What if I couldn’t pay my bills?  what would I do?  How would my wife look at me? My kids? How would it change who I am if others didn’t perceive me as a “success?” Am I, with age, moving toward a life defined by measures the world places on us for success? All good questions to ask, all stirred by Homeless for the Holidays.

Homeless for the Holidays ends on a hopeful note with an ending that you will definitely enjoy. If you’re looking for good wholesome faith-friendly family entertainment in the spirit of The Christmas Shoes, The Christmas Blessing and Christmas Child; Homeless for the Holidays might just be a nice new holiday tradition.

What are some of your favorite Christmas themed films?