How I first Heard about Home Run:

I first met Eric Newman at a church event here in Tulsa, OK. A pastor friend of mine needed help with a youth group event that was basically a gigantic good fight out in a field somewhere. Eric and I had both volunteered and needless to say, we were both and were covered in flour, mustard, and egg yolks by the end of the day.  That day, as the food was flying, Eric and I got to talking about a new Christian film he and some others had written called Home Run. It wasn’t until recently that I actually got to watch the film and realized that the gentleman I was throwing ketchup at a few months ago had written a truly inspirational movie.

Home Run is a Christian movie that goes deep into the life of a professional baseball player named Cory Brand. Cory has had to face some trouble in his life but has found a natural gifting for the game of baseball. When his career is in jeopardy due to his behavior on and off the field, Cory is forced to travel to his hometown and face the circumstances, memories, and addictions he has walked away from over and over again. The journey Cory embarks on is indicative of the journey each of us must make in order to live a truly abundant life.

Christian films often wrestle with the balance of keeping their films clear of objectionable content while presenting life as it really is.  As I watched Home Run, I was encouraged to see the issues of addiction (such as alcoholism, pornography, or cocaine), childhood wounds (sexually, psychologically, or verbally abusive parents), and past mistakes (such as walking out on one’s girlfriend after hearing she was pregnant) handled appropriately while showing the reality of the devastation these problems present.

Home Run didn’t just make me aware of the issues, but also portrayed the very real and often messy process of recovery. As I watched Cory’s life being repaired from the bitterness and alcoholism he had struggled with, I was surrounded by several other Christians in the movie theater who had taken part in the same 12-step program Cory had undertaken in the film, Celebrate Recovery. Their nods and claps throughout the film were stamps of approval showing me they had seen in the film what they’d seen in their own Celebrate Recovery programs. That level of “realness” was so encouraging.

So if you’re looking for a Christian movie that is very realistic, try the new Christian film Home Run.

The next time you want a family-friendly movie that informs, inspires, and entertains, choose Home Run.

And the next time someone throws a bunch of mushy eggs at you, ask them what they’ve been writing about lately, the answer may shock you. It sure shocked me!

You can preorder Home Run at  It will be available July 23, 2013.