“Your history determines the fierceness with which You fight what’s in front of You.”

Bishop T.D. Jakes


As the New Year rolls around, it’s rare that someone who doesn’t have any New Year’s resolutions. Plans for the future are made in order to improve upon what was experienced in year(s) prior. New gym memberships skyrocket. Twinkies are thrown into the trash. Credit cards are filed into the “emergency” cabinet. All of a sudden, the hopes that have been missed out once again come into view as a possibility. The New Year provides a clean slate. But how come these resolutions are so often recycled toward next year as well? It is because the lack of a certain trait (health, better finances, etc.) has been thoroughly examined and experienced, but the history of the person himself was not inspected in order for his mindset to be improved upon. Many people fail to properly examine their history and end up making the same mistakes that broke their resolutions in years past.

This is true for people individually and collectively. As humanity, we have a history that is rich in experiences, risks, and fulfilled dreams. As Sons and Daughters of God, we in the Body of Christ also have a thoroughly deep history of how God has been faithful. In order for even better decisions to be made for the future, we must examine our history thoroughly. If you’re looking for a way to examine the decision of Christians in the past in order to make great decisions for the future, check out some of our favorite historical films!

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