A story that covers several of the toughest things a person could go through in life, Hidden Secrets is an inspirational example of friendship, love and forgiveness.

Several years have past since a group of nine friends have been together. Unfortunately the cause of their reunion was the death of one of their closest mutual friends, Chris Hayden.

Their friend Chris had been that group of friends rock, their foundation and had stood strong in his faith in God and lived by his convictions. This was something that each of them had known and admired, even felt the influence of it in their own lives, but initially this wasn’t something that each of them was willing to imitate. Instead they reunited under false images, hoping to appear that the years apart had been good, easy years.

However, due to the history between these friends being so deep, it did not take long for the truth about who they each had become to be revealed. All of them staying together under one roof didn’t leave room for false images to maintain themselves. Real life and real emotion took their place.

As each person in Hidden Secrets battles reality, it is shown how life can be hard and doesn’t always unfold as we had imagined or hoped it would. But in life we have people and relationships that God places in our lives to guide us through these hard times and it is in these hard times that growth and change occur. This can often help us see how difficult times are often times of transition toward becoming who God wants us to be.

Hidden Secrets is a DVD with romance, humor and everything in between. The character’s lives seem estranged, but in reality overlap in several ways. Watch as each character challenges the other, bringing out more than you could ever imagine.