A weekend with long lost friends, when all the secrets came out!

Hidden Secrets may be a movie filmed two years ago, but it is filled with topics that are current and talked about constantly today!

The unfortunate loss of a good friend brings 9 men back together after ten years of life apart. The weekend of the funeral comes with more than the loss of a friend- it comes with the mourning of hidden secrets that have been developing for the past ten years!

Each person deals with their own struggle- struggles that are relevant today. One of them, a successful Christian author struggles with a wife whose judgment towards others contradicts the message of Christ that they are trying to share. Jeremy, a former youth Pastor whose life changed course when his now deceased friend’s sister broke up with him without reason. But now, ends up with the rest of his friends, staying at her bread and breakfast for the weekend- along with his new girlfriend(Stacey Keanan- Step by Step). Gary (John Schneider- Dukes of Hazard, Smallville), a man who has family, who has money, who has success- but doesn’t have God, realizes he doesn’t have happiness. Another friend, a kind, quiet guy who may seem to have it all together, confesses that he was on the brink of suicide battling his run through homosexuality and the distance that it put between him and his relationship with God. And then there is Nick, a man who ten years ago had a future as a professional athlete written all over him- until he destroyed his knee and lost it all. He now realizes that he hasn’t moved forward in life because he hadn’t been able to let go of the disappointment when he lost the future that he wanted for himself.

But when the truth of these Hidden Secrets come out, healing quickly replaces the grief. Hope and understanding of their faith, what God has done for them and provided them in having each other is what becomes most evident. Each of them praises God for the journey He has taken them on to get to that weekend, where together they could open up and realize the truth in their lives- no more Hidden Secrets.

Hidden Secrets is a great, surprisingly humorous DVD perfect for all adults. Any adult could relate to the issues that these men and women have wrestled with. The acting is really well done, and it allows you to really connect to the characters!