10 years ago, Pastor Todd Burpo wrote “Heaven is For Real,” a story about his then four-year-old son Colton’s visit to heaven and back. The book became a #1 New York Times Bestseller. Now, “Heaven is For Real” has been adapted into a feature-length film starring Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine, Stuck on You, We Were Soldiers).

The film is set to hit theaters Easter of 2014 and has already sparked some serious debate between Christians and Atheists. The recently-released trailer for “Heaven is For Real” has seen a large amount of comments that go back and forth between Christians and Non-Christians calling each other out using not so heavenly language. In fact, many have called for the comments to even be disabled due to the subject matter written about in the midst of such aggressive “debates.”

With the number of Family-Friendly and Christian films in growing recently, the nation has taken notice and few have held back their opinions regarding Christianity and the way they feel about Christians themselves. Many within the body of Christ have battled back and forth for the opportunity to win arguments online with people they’ve never met. In the midst of such controversy, one would do well to ask, “What is the cultural perception of Christians in the United States?”

One thing is quite evident, the people in each American community have a growing interest in what this whole “Christianity” thing is truly about. Well made films that accurately portray the lives of Christians (such as “Heaven is For Real”) will help spark interest in other Christian films and start conversations as well. Hopefully, these conversations will be those that convince Atheists and Christians alike that heaven, and the heaven-influenced life that can be lived on earth, is actually for real.

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