My heart was opened and touched on a variety of levels as I watched, Healed by Grace. The DVD cover does not do justice to the lessons included. This Christian movie shares about life’s joys, life’s struggles and everything in between, where often as Christians we don’t always understand where God is taking us.
It begins by showing the life of a young girl named Riley Adams (actress name) whose biggest commitments were Christ and dancing. These two loves exposed her to a lot of jealousy and discrimination from her peers. However, being led by Christ, she persevered and God blessed her…in mysterious ways, in ways that initially brought her a lot of hurt and a lot of confusion, but as she remained faithful, she soon realized that God had taken her a different route and taught her things from people she would have never imagined.
Healed by Grace is an ideal Christian DVD for all ages, incredibly family friendly, but more specifically it would be perfect for young girls in love with dance, in love with horses and who love or need to know the Lord. It touches on issues of peer “pressure”, boyfriends and the importance of helping each other.
As I mentioned earlier, this Christian DVD has more lessons involved than one could ever imagine from just looking at the DVD cover. An important lesson to point out I feel is the fact that Riley is an only child raised by only her Dad. This is such a subtle thing in the DVD, like it isn’t the focal point, but I think it holds SO MUCH value for other young girls who may be in the same situation or for peers of girls in those situations.
This is a family Christian movie that speaks to all ages on so many different levels that it with touch you or teach you something in one or several ways. I promise- it even made me cry with joy 🙂