Helad by Grace - DVD ImageI love what this Christian movie is all about and I love the themes it includes as well. Also, it doesn’t hurt that there are horses involved and like I mentioned in my A Horse Tale blog post, I love horses and am quite fascinated with them. One of the things that I also love about this Christian movie is that it involves dance as well which I enjoy.

Healed by Grace tells the story of Riley Adams, a dancer, who faces an injury that sets back her dream of becoming a dancer, however, it’s her journey of holding onto her faith to fully recover.

At the beginning of this Christian movie we meet Riley Adams (played by Natalie Weese), she’s now a college sophomore and she dreams of becoming a famous professional competitive dancer. She’s always had in mind that if she ever became famous she would use that platform to talk about her faith but getting to that point of stardom is becoming quite difficult. Riley’s mom passed away some years before and she’s been living with her dad ever since, because of this she wants to have control of her life and with that is how she wishes to achieve whatever she wants.
Riley continuously works hard as she gives her all and achieves success at everything she does. To achieve her dream, she works hard and at her regional dance competition Riley takes home first place and sends her to nationals. But little did Riley know that her life is about to change.

While preparing for nationals, Riley’s dreams to become a star suddenly come to a halt as she is in a terrible accident. The accident affects her as she loses mobility in many areas of her body which this realization causes her to go into a deep depression. Riley no longer has control and she soon realizes that no matter how hard she has worked on something, she doesn’t have control “anymore”, that there are some things in life that you can’t have control over. Riley from the Christian movie Healed by Grace doesn’t know how to go back to where she was and this fact continuously circles her thoughts. For the first time, she can’t work hard enough or be 100% dedicated and get her life back as it once was. This realization completely affects the way she approached her faith.

Riley from Healed by Grace is recommended to begin working with a mobility coach to help her get back into gaining some movement back. Even though this physical therapy does help her, it doesn’t give her a quick recovery as Riley would like. Her goal is to recover in record time so she can compete at nationals but this is not considered to be probable or realistic. She dives into continuing therapy with her mobility coach who begins including equine therapy into Riley’s routine. Riding a horse may give strength to her muscles and help her regain some of that mobility. Riley begins to look at the process more positively and little by little regains her perseverant outlook on life and hope. Throughout the therapy, Riley bonds deeply with a horse named Grace. The old Riley seems to be returning.
But when it looks like she’s almost back to how she used to be, another situation occurs that all the progress that she had been making through all of her therapy is suddenly lost. The drive Riley had is completely gone and now she’s going back to thinking that she has nothing to look forward to. Even though things look bleak again, this takes her on a journey to better herself spiritually. This is when she truly learns that she can’t have control, that she has to surrender it all to God. That she’ll have happiness in her life if she truly surrenders all control to God and let Him guide her to where she needs to go. Basically, she has to surrender her dreams to Him as well, the dreams that she was holding onto so strongly to completely understand the plans the Lord had waiting for her.

Want to know what happens to Riley? Can she go back to dancing? Or will she take another route?
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