This is my second blog post about the Christian movie, Healed by Grace. I have decided that writing briefly about how impactful the content of the DVD is just wasn’t enough.
There is an amazing story going on in this movie about a young Christian girl who faces peer discrimination but simultaneously it speaks to the heart of a lot of difficult life occurrences and circumstances.
For example, Riley Adams is an only child raised by her Dad. This is a huge adjustment for children no matter what the reasons are. Healed by Grace does a beautiful job of showing that being a child raised only by your Dad can be and is completely okay.
Another example is the terrible car accident that she was in due to her using her phone while driving. At this stage in the game, this speaks volumes to young and old. It could happen to any of us.
This is the last example I will give because this is the one that touches me the most. Riley suffers from a traumatic brain injury as a result of her car accident and a lot occurs as a result of it. I, too suffered from a traumatic brain injury from a motorcycle accident I was in almost thirteen years ago. Watching Riley have to abandon previous hopes and dreams and to very slowly learn how to start life over, was something that I could totally relate to.
Healed by Grace does an amazing job of showing that God is with us from the beginning to the end, no matter what happens or where he takes us. Riley had wanted to be a dancer, but after her TBI, this was no longer an option for her. In place of that God uniquely put her on a path of healing from the TBI by spending time with a beautiful horse. This opened doors and introduced her to people she could have never envisioned for herself had it not been for the Lord who brought her there.
I can say that the same happened for me. After suffering from a traumatic brain injury my entire life changed and could never be the same. It was difficult and confusing. But now and throughout the years, I can see how God rerouted my life for Him and has guided me diligently to the very place that I am now.
Not too many movies shine the light of Christ on the difficulties that we all go through. Healed by Grace not only highlights them, but embraces them and shows that God is always in control.