When it comes to Christian children’s cartoons, recent years have seen a cornucopia of new titles that are appropriately aimed at teaching Children lessons from the Bible. None of these new efforts, however, have been able to make quite the dent in childhood the VeggieTales series has made.

With dozens of titles available, VeggieTales goes in depth to several Bible stories in ways that cause roars of laughter and rivers of knowledge in each child. Each episode features animated vegetables (it’s about time kids like vegetables, right?) both telling Bible stories and illustrating them as well.

Fishflix.com offers more than several of VeggieTales top titles and we’ve put together a quick list of our favorites just for you!

VeggieTales: Are You My Neighbor? Featuring the classic “Hairbrush song,” this episode contains two hilarious, fully animated stories that teach kids a biblical perspective on loving others.

VeggieTales: MacLarry and the Stinky Cheese Battle: Larry the Cucumber stars as MacLarry, a misfit inventor who is stuck in the middle of the silliest battle ever between two tribes of perpetual pranksters!  Will MacLarry realize that his God-given talents may be just what is needed to save them from the rotten cheddar?

VeggieTales: Bible Heroes Triple Feature: Laugh, learn, and sing about heroes of the Bible with the entire produce gang! This hilarious trio of VeggieTales stories on one DVD features Josh & the Big Wall; Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen; and Moe & the Big Exit, plus a bonus 3″ Larry action figure. A great gift for your 3- to 7-year-olds!

OR! If you really love VeggieTales, you can find every episode over the course of several years in this large volume!

VeggieTales: All the Shows (2000-2006)