Hachi: A Dog's Tale - DVD ImageDogs are amazing! They are indeed my favorite animal and I believe they are truly special. Dogs have such a gift and are quite intelligent so after a while with a person, they know their owner. Personally, I think they’re an example of God’s love for us since dogs love unconditionally no matter what a person’s done or who they are. Anyone who’s ever owned a dog can vouch to this! I think the world of them so when I came across this movie I was intrigued immediately.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is about how a professor takes in an abandoned dog from a train station and forms an unspeakable bond with him.

The story from Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is narrated by Ronnie, the professor’s grandson. Ronnie has to talk about his personal hero in a presentation and he chooses to talk about his grandfather’s dog, Hachikō. His classmates find the subject Ronnie chooses funny, how could a dog be his personal hero? Even though his classmates were laughing, Ronnie chooses to continue on with his story. One day, his grandfather, Parker Wilson on his daily trip to the train station sees a lost puppy that has been sent from Japan. He decides to take the dog home and plans to return the loving dog to its rightful owner. The dog has a collar with what seems to be a Japanese symbol. Parker wanting to know what it means goes to a fellow professor, a Japanese professor to be exact named Ken and he explains that the symbol means ‘Hachi’, which is the number 8 in Japanese. With this new information, Professor Wilson names the dog Hachikō. After a while, Professor Wilson doesn’t find the dog’s owner and even though his wife Cate was hesitant at first, they both decide to keep him.

Over time, the relationship between Hachi and Parker becomes stronger and form a lovely bond. Hachi doesn’t seem to like to do normal dog activities like fetch or chase something, even though Parker has tried to get him to do so. One day, Parker leaves to the train station to get to work and Hachi ends up following him and refuses to leave until Professor Parker ultimately has to walk him back home. To the Professor’s surprise, when he arrives back to the train station after a full day of work, he is somewhat surprised to find that Hachi is waiting for him. This starts to become a routine for them both.

Hachi: A Dog's Tale - DVD Image

Another day in Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, like normal, Hachi is waiting in the train station for his owner Parker to come back from work but there’s no sign of him. Hachi stays there for hours until Michael, Professor Parker’s son-in-law comes to fetch him. Parker has died of a cerebral hemorrhage while in class and even though the others try to explain to the dog that his owner is no longer with them, Hachi continues the routine of going to the train station daily to wait for his owner. Cate, Parker’s wife sells the house and sends Hachi to live with her daughter Andy, son-in-law Michael and grandson Ronnie. Hachi always managed to escape and would go to the train station and sleep there, waiting for his owner. The train station workers even gave the dog food since they knew of him and the professor.
Ten years had passed since Parker’s death and Cate is surprised to see that Hachi continues at the station. This inspires her and decides to tell her grandson Ronnie about the special dog that is Hachi. Still, at the train station, an elderly Hachi passes away and the audiences sees an image of Parker, which explains to us that Hachi was comforted in that moment.

We go back to the classroom as Ronnie has finished his presentation on how Hachi is his hero and all his class is moved by the story especially those who had laughed at the beginning. We see that after school, Ronnie is met by his dad and his puppy who he chose to name Hachi as well.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is such a beautiful story and represents such love, dedication, and faithfulness between a dog and his owner. 100% Recommend!

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