Grace Unplugged - DVD ImageGrace Unplugged was released in 2013 by Lionsgate Films. This Christian movie is one of my favorite faith-based films to watch. Not only because AJ Michalka stars in it (I used to love her and her sister’s music growing up), but the whole message of the movie is extremely important. Social media and Hollywood tend to bombard people with the idea that only with stardom and fame is when they’ll truly feel fulfilled, happy and complete. But in Grace Unplugged we can see that this indeed is not the case and Grace, our main character, has to learn this the hard way.

Grace Unplugged is about Grace Trey who at 18 years old is given the music opportunity of a lifetime and pushed into the real world of stardom. There her faith and upbringing are put to the test.

At the beginning of Grace Unplugged, we meet 18-year-old Grace Trey. She is a very talented singer, musician and she serves at church singing worship on Sundays with her dad, Johnny. In his younger years, Johnny had released a song that became a huge hit and catapulted him into super stardom. Although in that moment in his life is where he was confronted with the down side of fame until he met Christ and began a relationship with Him.
Now singing together in church, Grace and Johnny are having more and more disagreements about their music sets. On one hand Grace wants to do their worship sets in a different way, add more of her own style but on the other hand, her dad wants to play the songs as practiced in rehearsal. Grace affirms that she has her own way of doing things and that she does not want to live in her dad’s shadow. Their relationship is in quite a strain.

One day, Johnny’s former manager, Mossy, stops by the Trey house with a proposition. He wants Johnny to record again and go on tour. Although it’s a good offer, Johnny denies the invitation knowing that he’d rather stay at home and reasumes Mossy that he’s not interested in the limelight anymore. Grace is overhearing the conversation and is shocked when her dad doesn’t accept the deal, which to her sounds perfect, it’s the offer she’s always wanted. So without her parents knowing, Grace contacts Mossy, sends him a demo and is offered a deal in Los Angeles. Off she goes on this new adventure but her parents are heartbroken reading of their daughter’s plan.
In L.A. Grace is given a great apartment and new outfits galore. This is the start of her dream coming true, that’s what she thinks.Grace Unplugged - DVD Image

Her first gig, at first, begins a bit rocky but later Grace loosens up and is able to give a great performance. Also, she is thrilled by the audience’s reaction and the crowd’s impression of her. At this point, she is sure that this is what she truly wants and she is finally reaching it. Grace begins dating a movie star and is furthermore sucked into the fame and spotlight. Also, she is being told to wear bolder clothing and is informed that her body is what sells.

Now the executives from the record company want Grace from Grace Unplugged to write a song but Grace has never written a song. So to calm her frustrations she leans on drinking and her life goes further down in a downward spiral. She is overwhelmed and is quickly realizing that pop star life is not what it’s cracked up to be. Through all of this, the only person who has been a help is the record company’s intern, Quentin. Him being a Christian, Quentin is constantly speaking life into her and pushes her to follow the Lord. When she is invited to have dinner at his parent’s home, there Grace is reminded of what true faith is and after leaving their home she still has peace.

Quentin has surely made an effect in Grace’s life and after speaking about faith and the priorities in life, she makes a very important decision. To leave the record label and her career in Hollywood to go back home.
She’s reunited with her family and decides to fall back into Christ’s path for her.

Grace had to come back home, back to Jesus and there was where she only could find true happiness and fulfillment. I love what this movie represents and even though I recommend this Christian movie for everybody but I specifically recommend it to pre-teens and teens.

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