The outpouring of internet comments and inquiries on search engines (such as google and yahoo) regarding Christian films and which ones are exceptionally great demonstrates what’s become an ongoing theme for us here at FishFlix: People are ready for good, godly movies. Christian films have gone through a thorough evolution recently. So much so that many who are completely unaffiliated with any Christian ministry whatsoever have had their interests sparked by the stories written in the Bible. And finally, we get to reference Hollywood positively when we say, “Isn’t that how it should be?” Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a list of top Christian and family friendly films (as well as a brief synopsis) below, all of which can be found online at

Flywheel: A dishonest used car salesman discovers the real value of one’s accomplishments is only as genuine as his integrity.

Fireproof: Faced with possibility of losing his marriage, firefighter Caleb Holt encounters faith as he undergoes the dare of a lifetime.

Courageous: A group of fathers come together to investigate what it truly means to put Christ first through the day-to-day challenges presented to families in the United States these days.

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry: A small town group of friends decide to pursue the best summer imaginable regardless of bullies thanks to a new friend they make named Jonathan Sperry.

The Pistol: For so many years, the game of basketball was missing something. The Pistol is the story of how one young man gave the game what it, and all of its fans, truly needed.

The Passion of the Christ: You may have read the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection over a hundred times, but this Mel Gibson directed look at the death of Jesus will surely tug at your heart the way only the love of Jesus can.

Ben Hur: A Timeless classic. Winning 11 Academy Awards (including the 32nd Oscar for Best Picture), Ben-Hur surpassed what films were known to accomplish as the story of Judah Ben-Hur is told brilliantly.

Ten Commandments: Another Charlton Heston Biblical classical portraying the life and times of Moses as he led the people of Israel of Egypt. Watch the book of Exodus come to life before Your eyes!

VeggieTales: With so many titles, VeggieTales are sure to inspire and entertain children of any age.

Peter and Paul: The Story of two men whose writings and stories have contributed to the New Testament more than anyone else except for Jesus Christ himself!

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace: In a nation and time when Nationalism was much easier than Kingdom living, Dietrich Bonhoeffer demonstrated allegiance to his Savior regardless of the cost.

The Cross and the Switchblade: The story of David Wilkerson’s ministry in New York City. Nicky Cruz, a former violent gang member, gave his life to Christ and has been spreading his name ever since he encountered Wilkerson’s unrelenting persistence to teach him about Jesus’ unrelenting love for him.