God's Not Dead 2God’s Not Dead has become such a successful movie series over the last few years for many reasons but most certainly because of the confronting storyline of being upfront about your faith. It reassures Christian believers to not back down whenever called out about Jesus. Also it confronts non-believers about the truth of God and Jesus Christ. As was presented in the first God’s Not Dead Christian movie, Josh, a Christian college student enrolls on a philosophy class and from the get-go his faith is tested as his professor wanted to make all his students write that God was dead on a paper. As Josh refuses, the professor makes him prove the existence of God and if he failed he would not pass the class and it would affect his whole college GED.

Now in God’s Not Dead 2, there’s a similar situation. When a high school teacher gets asked in class a question involving Jesus, her answer suddenly affects her job. In this Christian movie we meet Grace Wesley (played by Melissa Joan Hart), she’s a History teacher to high school students and also a Christian with strong faith. In class, Brooke, a student who has recently lost her brother, asks a question involving Jesus. Grace answers the question that was asked in a correct way plus mentioning Scripture. Little did Grace know that another student mentions the discussion to his parents and the principle of the school is quickly notified. Grace is sent in front of the school board and they allege that her faith distracted her answer. That she will go to court because she did not separate church and state in the moment of answering the question in class. Grace is suddenly in need of a lawyer to represent her, Tom Endler (played by Jesse Metcalfe) agrees to do so even though he’s a unbeliever.

One of the things that I love about God’s Not Dead 2 and the previous film is that they have different characters who lead different storylines but while the movie progresses you notice that these storylines connect at the end. Like for example, we have Martin, Brooke, Pastor David, Amy and even the Christian group Newsboys. They all have different storylines but connect at some point. Martin, since he gave his life to Christ is willing to keep learning more and more so he turns to Pastor David who helps him in his walk with God. Amy, who was diagnosed with cancer, suddenly finds herself cured.

Now back to Grace of God’s Not Dead 2, she presents herself in court and the School Board wants her teaching license terminated unless she apologizes for her answer back in class. Knowing her faith and trust in God, she refuses to do so. Now the battle begins. On one hand the prosecutor against Grace is continually trying to prove her guilty state while also trying to prove that God is dead. Also Grace’s lawyer Tom is trying to prove that she didn’t do anything wrong that she was only answering a question. She was just doing her job. Many witnesses supporting Grace talk in the stand about the truth and evidence regarding the case.

Later on, Martin Yip finds his father in his dorm, there his father reprimands him for following God, a “religion” not right for him. Martin remains strong but his father disowns him still. Martin and Brooke later meet in a church, he talks life into her and about his experience with Jesus. He helps her accept Jesus into her heart. This scene right here is one of my favorites of the whole movie. The actors made such a sincere interpretation and to me it was very heartfelt.

Battle in court continues and Grace is feeling discouraged as it goes on. Now Brooke is asked to be a witness in court. She has to make a decision and choose to do the right thing. Right to this point, we don’t know what the result will be since those against Grace have brought their A-game to the case, even though we know it’s not correct and Tom has done so as well. Now I’ll let you, dear reader, to discover how this Christian movie ends. God’s Not Dead 2 is available right here in www.fishflix.com for the opportunity of purchase. This film is powerful and whenever I hear Grace’s defense team and the witnesses in favor of her talk about the truth of Jesus I always get goosebumps. 100% recommend.

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