God's Compass - DVD ImageThe story of God’s Compass is very compelling and quite amazing. As I’ve come to know about movies, especially Christian movies and watched them, I’ve learned that there are so many lessons instilled in them that we can learn from. This Christian movie is no exception. Sometimes along our journey and walk with Christ there can often come times when we feel lost and don’t know exactly where we’re going but like this movie reassures us, we have to trust that God has traced a way for us to go. He has a plan for our lives, a perfect plan.

God’s Compass is about a woman who has recently retired and how she encounters various hard situations that she never could’ve imagined.

Right at the start of God’s Compass, we meet Suzanne Waters (played by Karen Abercrombie who’s also one of the stars of War Room), and her son David. They are both mourning the loss of Isaac, David’s father, and Suzanne’s husband. They remember Isaac as a wonderful person and great father but not having him there made this mother and son feel alone and lost. But God had not forgotten about them.
A few years later after her husband’s passing, Suzanne still would often times feel sad and missed him dearly. Now after years of teaching Suzanne decides to leave her career and retire but of course, the questions of what was she going to do with her life at this stage appear in her mind. Now home, retired from teaching is when she feels that there’s a void and soon realizes that the Lord is preparing her for something big.

In the case of Suzanne’s son David (played by T.C. Stallings), he’s about to be a dad himself as his wife Jessica is soon to have their first baby. We find Jessica past her due date and as she’s driving home, she feels some serious contractions which causes her to pull over. The pain persists and fear creeps into her mind as she feels that she might have a baby in the car, on the road and no one is there with her. The pain intensifies and she sees someone outside of her vehicle, a young man.

What I found very interesting is that we get to see some of this young man’s life story and we have a glimpse of what his life consists of. His name is Eli and he’s just 16 years old, already a juvenile delinquent with a record of car thefts. Eli doesn’t have any motivation in his life so he is set to run away from the foster care system but he doesn’t want to be separated from Naomi, his sister. Since he doesn’t want anything to do with foster care, he has to steal cars and sell them forward to get some money and survive. So now he’s planning on stealing another car, Jessica’s car, but when he looks inside he sees a pregnant woman who seems to be in trouble. In this moment he has to make a decision, to help her or to take the car and leave her with her pain and trouble.

So Eli decides to help the pregnant woman and he drives Jessica to the nearest hospital. In the hospital, Eli is very aware that choosing to take Jessica to the hospital put him at great risk and could have consequences. By choosing to take the high road, Eli is sentencing himself to jail after everything he’s done. And exactly as he thought would happen, a police officer arrests him.God's Compass - DVD Image

Jessica is worried for Eli and is also grateful so her family gets to know him better while in prison. Especially Suzanne who takes the time to visit him and talk. She offers him help and speaks God’s Word to him, offering him freedom in Christ.
This moment is crucial for Eli as he must decide to be free and redeemed although he is still imprisoned or just wait till he gets out of jail. This is also a starting point for Ms. Suzanne as she discovers that at this stage in her life this is what she wants to do. To help others and speak life into them.

God’s Compass is filled with great important themes like freedom, forgiveness and encourages people in their own walks with God.

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