I won’t flatter You, but let’s be honest: You’re doing a great job raising your kids. They’ve been given plenty of community within your church. You’ve shown them the joys of laughter and observed great lessons alongside them as you’ve watched Godly movies and Christian media. There is no denying it, you are a good parent and you’ve done a good job.

Part of being a good, Christian parent goes beyond what you allow your child to encounter. It has to do with what you don’t allow your child to encounter. And if your kids come home talking about celebrities they heard about from their friends, you’ve been quick to point out those lifestyles are not acceptable in your household and those celebrities desperately need Jesus in their lives.

I applaud parents like you. I have parents like you. The world needs more parents like you. But my question today, ambitious as it may be, is:

What if what you told your children actually happens?

What if those celebrities do accept Jesus into their lives and now desperately need a community to support them in their newfound faith?

Chris Brown, who has seen his fair share of public humiliation due to several violent encounters, is one example of someone who may very well be the next Apostle Paul.

What? Yeah.

Imagine being a faithful, church attending Christian raising your kids in the city of Damascus just before a guy named Saul arrives to threaten the faith you believe in.

Now imagine sitting in the service after you’ve relocated to the city of Ephesus where a letter arrives from that same man you once feared. And in this letter, that dangerously crazy man shares the inspired word of God.

Chris Brown recently reached out for help through a 90 day rehabilitation program and also send out a recent tweet that happens to be the inspired word of God (1 Peter 5:7).

As you’re raising your children to honor God, don’t forget what may be happening all around you in the lives of those who have so often threatened your faith. The road to Damascus certainly still exists. Check out Fishflix.com’s resident film about The Road to Damascus here!