Gifted Hands - DVD ImageThis Christian movie is amazingly done and the thing that I love most about it is the powerhouse acting involved in this project! From Cuba Gooding Jr. to Kimberly Elise, all the acting in this movie is nothing but amazing.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story starts in 1987 and we meet Dr. Ben Carson (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) as he travels to Germany to meet parents Peter and Augusta Rausch whose twins are conjoined in their heads. There is an extreme risk in this and Ben is quite certain of it. Even though he thinks he has the capability to separate the twins he’s also looking at the fact that one or both children could lose their lives. Dr. Carson is very specific in explaining the risks to the parents and even though he’s somewhat hesitant, he agrees to do it. He spends months in research and trying to formulate an operating plan that at the end is successful. At this point of this Christian DVD, we are taken back in time to Ben’s childhood, 1961 to be exact.

It is 1961 in Detroit, Michigan and we see Ben when he is 11 years old and to my surprise, he’s actually having a hard time at school. His mother, Sonya, a single mother with only a third-grade education, is worried about her sons Ben and Curtis’ low grades and she has to do something to change that. One of the first things she makes them do is learn the multiplication tables. Now, without them knowing Sonya is deeply suffering from depression so she checks into a mental institution. Later on when she returns, one of the things she notices regarding her sons is that they’re watching a lot of television. She decides to restrict them to watch only certain shows and as a requirement, they’d have to read books and write about them. Even though the boys write their reports she hides the fact that she can’t read their reports since she’s illiterate. Both boys learn so much from the books they read and they both improve in school especially Ben who rises to be the top of his class. But even though his grades had improved tremendously, his bad temper continued. It’s not until high school when he almost stabs a friend when he asks God to change his temper and chooses to change that part of his being.

Ben from Gifted Hands continues to work hard and achieves to earn a scholarship to Yale and chooses to study neurosurgery. There is where he meets Candy Rustin who will later be his wife. She is one of the constants while he’s going through the stage of being in Yale. After graduating he becomes a resident in Johns Hopkins Hospital where he encounters a situation that could most likely end his career that has just begun. He decides to operate on a man who’s dying without supervision or permission from superiors. In order to save the man’s life, he takes the risk and ends up saving him indeed.Gifted Hands  - DVD Image

Later in this Christian movie, it’s 1985 and some trials are heading Ben and his family. That year Sonya, Ben’s mother, comes to live with them in Maryland. Also, Candy, Ben’s wife, is taken to the hospital but sadly, there she miscarries twins. He stays with her during the night to then in the morning do an extreme operation called a hemispherectomy.
Then Gifted Hands takes the audience back to the time when the film began, in 1987 and Dr. Ben Carson is preparing to separate the twins who are conjoined by their heads. The time for the operation is almost near and Ben still doesn’t know how he can successfully separate the twins. Suddenly he receives the way he should operate and plans what needs to be done. The operation lasted almost a whole day and by the 22nd hour, Dr. Carson manages to separate the twins and saving both their lives. A remarkable achievement! Of course, this news goes global.

One of the things I love about this story is that even though the movie ends here, Carson’s story doesn’t end there. I did some research and approximately 10 years later Dr. Carson performs another similar surgery which becomes successful as well. And in 2008 receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a huge honor! Ben Carson is such an example of overcoming and trusting God’s Plan.

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