forever strong - dvd imageI love that this Christian movie presents a different sport than the ones we’re used to seeing in movies. The movie is centered around rugby and it represents a true story. This Christian movie reminds us of how it’s always important to do the right thing no matter the pressures around us telling us the opposite.

Forever Strong tells the story of a problematic rugby player who is sent to juvenile detention. There, he joins a rugby team which later plays against the team his father coaches at the National Championship.

In this Christian movie, we meet Rick Penning (played by Sean Faris). He is a wonderful rugby player at his high school, seems to have a bright future in the sport and everyone around him seems to admire everything he has accomplished in the sport. Everybody wants to be his friend and is constantly invited to parties although his relationship with his dad is not the best. Him and his dad, Rich, have always had a difficult relationship and has become worse since Rich became his son’s coach at school. Their father-son relationship soon starts to get affected even more as Rich sees his son begin to given to the pressures and has become rebellious. Even though Rick doesn’t show it on the outside, on the inside he is definitely struggling. Rick is constantly struggling on a personal level even though he has an amazing rugby career and has done really well on the field, he’s having a hard time keeping that perfect standard that everyone expects him to keep. So to escape all that Rick turns to drinking and hitting up parties.

One day in Forever Strong, Rick attends a party where there is drinking involved and by the end, he decides to drive his girlfriend home even though he is quite intoxicated. It is here when he runs off the road and crashes his car which leaves her injured and leaves him with a DUI. Rick already had multiple offenses so he is sent to juvenile detention in hopes that his way of living changes. After this incident, he is off the team which is a low blow for him since it was basically the only thing he loved to do. He has disappointed everybody knows and Rick has now arrived at his lowest. As soon as he arrives in juvenile detention he is bullied by others and treated badly. Even though he’s trying to adjust to this new life that he has to live now, he is definitely struggling. One of the wardens in charge of him called Marcus (played by Sean Astin) notices how much talent he has in terms of athletic ability. Marcus hears about Rick’s rugby talent he presents him a spot to play for the Highland high school rugby team. And not just any spot, it’s a very prestigious spot that many people work hard to achieve. Even though at first Marcus is quite reluctant to give Rick the spot on the team, Rick works hard to be worthy of being on that team.

Rick works hard along with his team and soon they become a very successful team that takes a spot in the playoffs. But suddenly in this Christian movie Rick encounters quite the dilemma as one of the teams that his team has to play against the playoffs is his old high school team which is coached by his dad. Now Rick has to decide to play knowing that the possibility of winning can somehow ridicule his father or just decide not to play that specific game. He questions if he should continue playing for this new team and to continue playing that specific position or should he go back to his old team and confronted his dad. Rick finds himself completely torn and doesn’t know what to do.

Like I mentioned before Forever Strong is inspired by true events of the Highland high school rugby team and I love that even though Rick was going through a rough time at the beginning of the movie, he eventually learns and grows not just physically and in the sport but spiritually as well.

What will Rick choose to do? If you want to find out, you have to purchase the Christian movie Forever Strong!

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