for better or for worse - DVD ImageThe Christian DVD of For Better or For Worse is a fun Hallmark Channel movie that is always good to watch! This movie like all Hallmark related movies take us on a journey of friendship and love but most importantly it spreads hope and happiness to viewers.

The Christian movie For Better or Worse is about a widowed wedding coordinator who meets a lawyer whose specialty is actually divorce.

In this Christian DVD, we meet Wendy (Lisa Welchel). She’s a wedding coordinator who suddenly has some trouble when Marco, a divorce lawyer who moves his business next door to her. Quite a contradiction! Wendy is a well-known and successful wedding planner is someone who gives it all to make her clients happy and help them achieve the wedding of their dreams. Her husband passed away a few years back and since then she lost hope of finding love again and promises to help others to attain love. Basically, Wendy from For Better or For Worse closes the door to the possibility of falling in love again and only focuses on helping others instead of herself. But now things change as Marco moves in next door. Marco is promoting the exact opposite of what her business stands for, he ends marriages and formally breaks relationships from former couples. From the get-go, these two don’t get along and their different personalities clash so they do their best to avoid each other. So Wendy does her best to keep herself focused on her business and not think of the attorney next door.

Suddenly Wendy from this Christian DVD hears some interesting news. Turns out that her son Colin is marrying Sophia, his girlfriend who is actually the divorce attorney’s daughter. Now Marco and Wendy can’t avoid each other entirely for the sake of their kids.
In the meantime, Wendy is keen to promote her wedding business and not let the next-door business affect new clients coming in. But because their kids are getting married, Wendy finds herself spending time with him while fulfilling wedding responsibilities. At first, both Wendy and Marco argue over every detail about the wedding but as they continue spending more time together, some feelings begin to develop. Marco often mentions how useless he thinks marriage is and that is very common for it to end up in divorce but soon he begins to doubts his way of thinking about marriage itself. Even though Wendy doesn’t like Marco’s openness to divorce people she is somehow drawn to him. Now for the sake of their kids’ union, Wendy and Marco do their best to “get along” during the wedding planning and furthermore. But occasionally the arguments begin and the two points of view of these two different people come out forming havoc.

Since Wendy and Marco from For Better or For Worse are constantly arguing about marriage and how Marco thinks that marriages mostly end up in divorce, Sophie and Colin begin to doubt the relationship that they have. Now they think that they’ve rushed into planning for marriage and begin to doubt if they’re truly ready to take that big step. Soon they decide that they aren’t ready to get marries and cancel. Soon Marco and Wendy realize that their incessant arguing about marriage convinced their kids not to do it and realize the big mistake they’ve made. Now they have to restore their kids’ relationship and hopefully find some common ground between them. The parents begin to work together to bring Colin and Sophia to reconcile and follow through with their original plans.
While helping their kids reconcile and as they see more of each other, Marco and Wendy from For Better or For Worse find out that they do actually have things in common and that they agree on some values. As these two spend even more time together, they soon realize that a new relationship can grow out of it.

One of the things that I love about this movie is that it demonstrates that one should not think to know a person without truly knowing them first. To not judge so quickly and I think Marco and Wendy learn this the hard way.

If you enjoy Hallmark Channel movies or Love and Romance Christian movies you have to see For Better or For Worse and purchase it on Fishflix store!

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