I hope you’ve entered our “Cheesy Tagline Contest” to win a free copy of Fireproof.

I’m excited to hear everyone’s ideas, and although these are fun, I thought it’d be good to remind ourselves of why Fireproof is such an important Christian film. Fireproof wasn’t only a ground-breaking film in terms of it’s widespread penetration in both Christian and secular markets as a solid, bible-based film about the covenant of marriage, most importantly, God has graciously used Fireproof to help and even save thousands of marriages across the world. At $5.99, you can purchase Fireproof not only for yourself, but for friends and family who will be encouraged by this film whether their marriage is falling apart or holding strong.

Here are a couple testimonies from Fireproof’s webpage where they say that 5783 Marriages Have Been Ignited By FIREPROOF.

James H.
Posted on December 22, 2009
Thank God for this movie and for The Love Dare book. I am going through a crisis right now where my wife was wanting to leave me. Notice I said was! We, thanks to this gift from God, are working it out and are coming closer than we have been in some time. Words cannot explain the greatness of this movie. This is what God intended for marriage. Remember, it is not only a promise but a covenant to God. Praise God! Thank you all for making this movie. May you surely be blessed for this.

Teresa and Preston
Posted on November 04, 2009
My husband and I saw the movie and cried like we did the day we had our son! I am only 21 and he is 25, so we’re both still young. But the movie totally changed the way we feel and act toward each other. And we’re still working on our marriage.

Erin S.
Posted on September 13, 2009
I had no idea what an impact FIREPROOF would have on our marriage when we first watched it in the theater! It was the catalyst that forced my husband to confront his sin and change. Christ has worked a miracle in our marriage, and it all began with this movie. I am reminded of God’s grace on us and his unusual methods each time we watch it in our home.

As I read those testimonials, I’m reminded that we’re in the business of selling films that God can use to impact lives. It’s an awesome reminder. Don’t forget to register to win a free copy of Fireproof. Contest ends Saturday April 9, 2011.