We just received some great customer feedback today about how a customer in Mississippi who had recently purchased Fireproof and used it for an event. Here’s what he said…

Everybody loved it and we had a good time watching with about 24 other couples. Our College and Career class served us supper and provided baby-sitting. It was a kick off to the Fireproof class that we offered to everyone. The movie was also a fundraiser for the College and career class, it was a great night. Thanks

What a wonderful use of a movie! Look at all the creative ideas here:

  1. A fireproof night with couples from church
  2. The fireproof launches into a long-term marriage study based on the movie and book.
  3. Dinner was served and childcare provided by the young adults.
  4. The evening was a fundraiser for the young adults group!

This evening does so many things; fund raising was done in a fun way, people from different life stage groups spent the evening serving one another (and enjoying fellowship I’m sure,) a difficult subject (struggling marriages) was addressed in a way that anyone would warm up to, a class is launched, AND everyone had fun. I love it!

Do you have any creative examples of how you’ve used Christian Movies?

*Please note that showing a DVD in a public setting like a church requires a public showing license, which this customer had obtained.  We can help you find the public showing rights for any of our movies.