FireproofThis Christian movie is the third film ever produced by the Kendrick Brothers and Sherwood Pictures. After the success of Flywheel (2003) and Facing the Giants (2006), Fireproof was sure to be a success and indeed it was. Fireproof was tackling a new theme and generating a new conversation. This time the Kendrick Brothers were set to talk about a theme that God had put in their hearts, marriage.

Fireproof is about a man who tries to salvage his marriage by trying “The Love Dare”, a 40-day guide. At the beginning of this Christian movie we meet Caleb, a successful firefighter, and his wife Catherine are going through some marital problems. They seem to argue all the time and the atmosphere is always tense. At work, Caleb is very good at what he does and is always true to a lesson he learned early on in training, that one never could leave one’s partner. He executes this lesson with pride and sticks to it but at home that same lesson doesn’t come to fruition. At home Catherine expresses that Caleb is selfish because instead of helping her pay for her mother’s medical bills and treatment he is set on using that money to buy a boat and fulfill that dream. Also instead of spending time with his wife, Caleb is using all his free time on the internet and sinking deep in pornography. On the other hand Caleb feels set aside and that he doesn’t have value in the eyes of his wife. All these thoughts and feelings come to the surface every time they try to speak and it just ends up in argument after argument. Catherine decides to ask for a divorce and they both agree. At work Caleb explains his troubles to his co-workers and encourage him to not make quick decisions without thinking it through. Also Caleb’s father encourages him to give “The Love Dare” a try, a journey that is set to help marriages and help each member of the marriage. Caleb is not very fond of the idea but begins to try it anyway and he conceals it from his wife.

Catherine works in a hospital and is an administrator of one of the areas. There she is taking a liking to a resident doctor there, Gavin Keller. Catherine has noticed Caleb’s “weird” behavior and her nurse friends are continuously advising Catherine to not take his actions seriously and that he probably wants more money in the divorce.

Back home Caleb has continued the Love Dare but even though at first he really wasn’t taking things seriously, later on, e would find himself doing these things and meaning it. Plus he took out the computer that was serving as some sort of temptation. With constant encouragement of his friends and his dad, he continued on even though sometimes he didn’t want to do it anymore. Catherine grows closer to her doctor friend and Dr. Keller himself soon discovers that she is married but the fact doesn’t phase him as he continues to look for her affections. Caleb has found new strength and faith and doesn’t give up but the divorce papers still end up in his hands.

Later on in Fireproof, Catherine is informed that her mother’s bills have all been paid in full by an anonymous donor. She immediately thinks of Dr. Keller and it causes her to think even more highly of him, making her affections towards him even stronger. Caleb knows of Catherine’s affections towards the doctor and confronts him. Making it clear of his and Catherine’s relationship. That’s when we know that the doctor is married as well but decides to not wear his ring.

By this time Caleb has completed The Love Dare but continues to follow its instructions, Catherine has found Caleb’s journal and has read about his experience. Now Catherine is reconsidering her divorce but doesn’t know what to do. One of the things that help her with her decision is when she finally discovers who was the anonymous donor that gave money to pay for all her mother’s medical bills. Catherine discovers that Caleb had paid for everything. Now what comes after this is so powerful. I love this movie but what comes after this specific moment is amazing and speaks to the audience in a great way. A shocking discovery that I did not expect when I was watching this Christian movie for the first time. So I’ll let you discover this when you watch the film.

This film has a wonderful story and great lessons to offer. Completely recommend this movie to everyone but for marriages specifically.

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