If you’re wanting to spend your time watching something that will educate you, challenge you and forever change your understanding of adoption, then Find Me is a DVD that will not be a waste of your time! Not only that, it will open your heart in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

I know several people who have adopted and have some friends currently in China adopting a baby boy! But let me tell you, as I have learned that the children being adopted don’t always want the significant change in their lives, the children aren’t the only ones having to say the very often hard goodbye.

Through following three families who have found children to adopt from China, Find Me shows that the ones that are most often forgotten are the ones who have taken care of these children from the moment they were found, until the moment the families arrive to take them. They can often be caring for these children for years before they are adopted, which can make it feel like a Mom or a Dad having to “give up” a child of their own.

Find Me shows the beautiful relationship between these very important caretakers and these orphan children. These caretakers give up so much of themselves to pour love and care for these children, knowing that one day they would have to say goodbye. These individuals have revealed themselves to be the most selfless, irreplaceable people in the lives of so many children. We often admire and respect those who choose to adopt, but after watching this movie, my heart is just bursting with admiration for these caretakers!

One of the adopting Mothers was hoping to learn the back story of her son whom she had just adopted and was able to learn more than she could have hoped for! After seeing where her son was found, her guide was able to gather more information about where the orphanage had moved to and thankfully it wasn’t too far away. When they arrived, the woman who had taken care of the children was hesitant to let the Mother inside, but was anxious to learn about the current situation of the boy she had once taken care of. After talking outside for a short while the woman, the former caretaker, said that she was a Christian and the adopting Mother let her know that she was, too. And just like that, the former caretaker opened her home and opened her heart! The two of them bonded so well! The former caretaker gave the adopting Mother a tour of what used to be an orphanage for over thirty children! She was even able to show the adopting mother the very bed that her son had slept in! The former caretaker explained to the adopting Mother that she would pray for each and every child in her care and that she would rub the impaired legs of the adopting Mother’s son every night. She even showed her the THING that she used to teach him how to walk! The two women prayed together and signified the bond and beauty of the adoption process and God’s love for each of these children.

After watching the Find Me DVD, you will learn about a piece of the adoption puzzle that you might not have even thought of. It sheds much deserved light onto those who have loved and cared for the children from the moment they were found until the moment they are adopted. Find Me shows that these children’s lives didn’t start the day they were adopted. Their lives started the day they were born and their lives contain many parts, each as significant as the other. Praise God for the love given to these children and praise God for the gift of adoption!