With all the uproar over the necessity for Christian media to accurately portray that which is written in the Bible, we at Fishflix.com have put together a well-thought out list of Godly Biblical movies telling the stories of the Bible Characters you’re sure to love, enjoy, and be inspired by!

Samson and Delilah: A man who had incredible physical strength becomes weak at the knees when he sees a beautiful woman that will open the door to his life’s greatest challenges. Samson and Delilah is sure to enrapture you in an understanding of the importance of choosing the right mate and letting God be your strength.

Jacob: With a disadvantaged age, position, and name, Jacob steals his brother Esau’s birthright and begins to run for his life for the rest of his life until he meets an angel of the Lord for what will be forever known as one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time.

Joseph: Having been the favored son for so long, Joseph is sold into slavery and it gets worse! He ends up in prison after having done nothing wrong only to witness the work of God in his life in ways no one else had ever seen before.

Moses: The man who was called a friend of God. Moses tells the story of one who was raised in luxury, but preferred to be treated as God’s people in order to side with the King who would free them from slavery in Egypt. Moses leads the Israelites from the desert to the mountain where they will meet God.

Ruth: A young woman teaches humanity a lesson in loyalty and faithfulness as she refuses to leave her mother in law in the midst of facing thoroughly discouraging circumstances. She meets a man from Bethlehem who will make her his Bride and eventually change the world.