Christian movies span all sorts of genres. But the common denominator in just about every single family-friendly film is just that, the institution of the family. If there is any message most central to the Christian faith, it is this: We are not alone as orphans in this world. We have not only a God who created us, but a Father who loves us.


But among many groups of people, be they Christians or not, the term father is a sore subject. Whether you grew up without a father in your life or had a father who was far too busy for you or your family, none of the mistakes made by earthly fathers nullify the legitimacy of the Father that God is to each one of us.

Throughout history, there have been a plethora of good and bad fathers. The lessons one can learn from their stories can benefit the way we treat our fathers, father our own children, and reconcile ourselves with the wounds inflicted by our erred view of fatherhood throughout our lives.

Here at, we’ve put together a quick list of great Christian movies about fatherhood. We pray they’ll be inspiring and entertaining to you as you acknowledge and experience the goodness of our Father in heaven.

Reconciliation: A soon-to-be father must acknowledge the wounds inflicted upon him by his own father during his early childhood. This thought-provoking film fails to ignore the issues presented in modern-day society when it comes to having a father while becoming one as well.

The Pistol: Many fathers and sons have grown closer to one another in the context of sports. “The Pistol” tells the story of one of the most incredible basketball players to play the game who was able to become all that he became because of his father.

Flag of My Father: The reality of post-traumatic stress disorder that is experienced by many men and women who serve in the armed forces is quite exhaustive. “Flag of My Father” takes an introspective look on PTSD and how Fatherhood is a force to be reckoned with.

Courageous: A group of men come together to rediscover the power available through unity and fatherhood. As they encounter the difficulties all men face, they learn the lessons fathers must never do without. Courageous is available on both Blu-Ray and DVD.

Camp: Sometimes fathers exist without being biologically related to those they’re fathering. “Camp” demonstrates how this can occur when men decide to be real fathers before they have biological sons or daughters.